Respawn is Reportedly Working on a New “FPS Multiplayer,” Rumors Say it’s Titanfall 3

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Rumors about Respawn diving into a new “FPS Multiplayer” project are surfacing online. Fans hope that it’s Titanfall 3.

According to a recent article posted by exputer, Respawn is reportedly looking for a “Game Design Director” to become a part of Respawn’s incubation team to “create a great game.”

Although Respawn swiftly tried to hide its motive regarding what type of game they were trying to develop, the job qualifications in the Linkedin hiring post hinted at something interesting.

Respawn hiring for FPS multiplayer project
credit: respawn/linkedin

Apparently, among other qualifications, Respawn is looking for someone with “significant professional experience designing Multiplayer FPS experiences.” So, the question is, why is Respawn looking for someone with Multiplayer FPS experience? The answer is obvious: they’re trying to develop an FPS multiplayer game.

However, the real question is still, what FPS multiplayer game are they talking about? There are a few possibilities. The first is the canceled Star Wars FPS game, which was a result of EA’s mass layoffs earlier this year. The second possibility is Apex Legends‘ story-based FPS game, [which is very unlikely as it was also canceled. Moreover, it was rumored to be a single-player title]. The third and most probable answer left is a sequel to Titanfall, which has long been wanted by the community. It also checks out all the boxes.

Various sources on the internet have different theories regarding what the game could be. However, most speculations are directed toward Titanfall 3. However, it may just be a coping mechanism for the players who just want Titanfall 3 to be released. But for now, only Repsawn knows what they are cooking.

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