Zeri, Azir, K’Sante & Others Receiving Buffs In LoL Patch 13.24

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed that many of the champions will receive massive buffs in patch 13.24.

The upcoming patch, 13.24, will be the last League of Legends patch of this year. Due to this, it will also include some of the biggest changes.

In the last patch, we saw some nerfs to some strong solo queue picks, like Briar, Naafiri, K’Sante, Jarvan IV, etc. Moreover, Riot also buffed champions like Raven, Trundle, Vel’Koz, etc. But overall, these adjustments are minuscule compared to the changes we are getting in patch 13.24.

Firstly, we are getting a new champion named Hwei. He will be one of the most complicated champions in the game. Besides Hwei, Riot is revamping the current item system by removing mythic items and adding many new ones.

And regarding champion balancing, Riot is only nerfing Briar and Ivern. But on the other hand, they are buffing 12 different champions in this one single patch. These champions are Azir, Braum, Galio, Gragas, K’Stante, Leona, Lucian, Mordekaiser, Pantheon, Qiyana, Vel’Koz, and Zeri.

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League of Legends Patch 13.24 Buffs

Azir Buffs

  • W Damage: 50/…/110 >>> 50/…/118

Not too long ago, the Worlds 2023 took place. In it, Azir was one of the highest-pick mid-lane champions in the game. Because of this, many players in the solo queue started playing Azir with relative success. And due to it, Azir got some massive nerfs in the last patch.

But because of these nerfs, Azir is now statistically the worst mid-lane champion in terms of win rate. He currently has an abysmal 45.22% win rate with a 5.9% pick rate. And due to his current state, Riot will buff him in patch 13.24.

Braum Buffs

  • Mana Regen: 6 >>> 7
  • R minimum knockup duration: 0.3 >>> 0.6

In the upcoming patch, we will see massive changes to the support role as Riot is releasing a completely new support starter item. This item will provide more unique buffs that will enhance their champion more meaningfully. So, as a preparation, Riot is buffing some of the support champions early on. And one of them is Braum.

Galio Buffs

  • Q cooldown: 12-10 >>> 12-8

While not a bad champion, Galio is very stale in the current meta. Even with the buffs that he received earlier this season, he is still not that highly picked compared to his peers. And because of it, he is getting some buffs in patch 13.24.

Gragas Buffs

  • Passive cooldown: 12 >>> 12/10/8/6

Earlier this year, Gragas was considered one of the best flex picks in the game. Back then, he could be played optimally in every single role in the game. But now he barely gets picked in any role. Due to this stagnation, Riot will be giving him some much-needed buffs in the upcoming patch.

K’Sante Buffs

  • W mana: 60/…/80 >>> 40/60
  • W resist damage ratio: 30% >>> 50%

In the last patch, K’Sante received some massive nerfs. And because of these nerfs, K’Sante is currently one of the worst top-lane champions in the game. Currently, he has an awful 46.92% win rate with a 6.1% pick rate. And that’s why he is receiving some buffs.

Leona Buffs

  • W resistances: 20-40 >>> 20-50
  • R damage: 100-250 >>> 150 -300

As stated before, the entire support starting item and the ward system are getting revamped. And due to it, the entire role will be changed in general. Therefore, Riot is changing some of the tank supports in the game. One of them is Leona.

Lucian Buffs

  • E cooldown: 22-14 >>> 19-14

Even though not a bad pick compared to other ADC champions, Lucian is currently stale in the meta. And because of it, Riot is giving Lucian some buffs. Additionally, the upcoming ADC items will also shake up the meta as well.

Mordekaiser Buffs

  • Q AP ratio: 60% >>> 70%
  • (New) R reveals his target at the start of cast

Since the Shen mains boycott incident not too long ago, many other mains communities in League of Legends started to protest about how weak their champion is. One of them is the Mordekaiser mains. Due to this protest, Mordekaiser currently has below a 3% pick rate. Truthfully, Mordekaiser is not that fun to play with in the current meta.

Overall, the protest worked, as Mordekaiser is getting some much-needed buffs in the upcoming patch. Moreover, the upcoming items will certainly make Mordekaiser’s life far more easier.

Qiyana Buffs

  • Mana: 1320+50 >>> 375 + 60

Similar to Pantheon, Qiyana has not been getting that many plays recently. In the current patch, Qiyana only has less than a 1.4% pick rate. To incentivize people to play her, Riot will give her some significant buffs in the upcoming update.

Zeri Buffs

  • Stats
    • AD/lvl: 1.3 >>> 1.8
  • W Damage: 20-180 (+130% AD) (+25% AP) >>> 30-190 (+130% AD)(+40% AP)

Zeri has fallen far from her grace. When she was released, she was the best ADC in the game. Not only that, players could even flex her in other roles as well. But now she is the worst marksman in the game. Not only that, she is also not fun to play with. And as the new items are on the horizon. Zeri is getting some much-needed buffs.

Patch 13.24 Release Date

All of these buffs will be released on patch 13.24, scheduled for Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.