Braction, Custard, JessGOAT, and MrBboy45 are receiving new streamer charms with Crimson Heist

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has revealed the new set of streamer charms that will be introduced with Y6S1 Crimson Heist.

Ubisoft continues the trend of showing some love to the streamers and add streamer charms to the game at the beginning of a new season. The newly introduced charms will be available throughout this entire season, and this time it will feature Braction6, MrBboy45, Lt Custard, and JessGOAT.

Fans can easily get these charms by subscribing to the respective streamer’s Twitch channel with a linked Uplay account. For more detailed info on how to claim the charms visit here. Once a user has claimed a streamer charm, it will stay in the account for good, even if they unsubscribe from the streamer’s channel later on.


Some of the streamer’s charms from the previous seasons will also be making a return, which includes fan-favorites Beaulo, SexyCake, BikiniBodhi, Pengu, and 37 more. Ubisoft is always on the lookout to support content creators all around the world who loves Rainbow Six Siege and dedicates time, streaming the game.

Image: Ubisoft
Image: Ubisoft
Image: Ubisoft

All these streamer charms are guaranteed to stay until Crimson Heist ends when Ubisoft will once again determine the eligibility of the streamers. Ubisoft also stated that “the participants for Y6S1 S2, S3 & S4 have already been determined” in preparation for their lengthy production cycle.

The special Iceycat25 charm will still be available until Operation Neon Dawn ends this week. So make sure to buy it before it disappears.

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