Ubisoft pays tribute to Iceycat25 by introducing an in-game charm

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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(Image via: Ubisoft)

Ahead of the Operation Neon Dawn launch, Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a new set of streamer charms, including a commemorative IceyCat25 charm.

Lee Iceycat25 Auter was one of the first original Rainbow Six Siege content creators, who has helped the Siege community in countless ways. But back in June 28, he sadly passed away.

Siege fans have been asking Ubisoft for an Iceycat25 tribute since then, possibly with an in-game skin or charm. And now Ubisoft has delivered their promise, as they previously said they were working on an Iceycat25 charm to honor him.

The Iceycat25 charm will be available on December 15th and can be purchased through the in-game store with only 1 renown. But alongside this, three other streamers will also be getting their own charms, including JerichoFive, REMGURI / 렘쨩, and THE_M3RY. This will help the streamers to get some extra subs on Twitch, and provide a boost for their channel while earning some extra money from the sales.

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Iceycat25 charm
Image: Ubisoft

Fans can easily get these charms by subscribing to the respective streamer’s Twitch channel with a linked Uplay account. For more detailed info on how to claim the charms visit here. Once a user has claimed a streamer charm, it will stay in the account for good, even if they unsubscribe from the streamer’s channel later on.

Some of the streamer’s charms from the previous seasons will also be making a return, which includes fan-favorites Beaulo, SexyCake, BikiniBodhi, Varsity Gaming (as you know is available throughout Year 5), and 33 more. Ubisoft is always on the lookout to support content creators all around the world who loves Rainbow Six Siege and dedicates time, streaming the game.

streamer charm
Image: Ubisoft
Image: Ubisoft
Image: Ubisoft

Iceycat25 charm will be available throughout Season 4, until the end of Neon Dawn. So make sure to buy it before it disappears.

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