Best Weapons in ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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The weapon meta in Apex Legends has changed. Here are the best weapons in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs.

Apex Legends undergoes balance changes with every major update. These changes impact the overall Apex Legends meta. However, among them, legends and weapon updates have the most significance as they directly influence the gameplay.

The ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs just ended, and the statistics are also available. You may naturally be wondering what weapons pros used to dominate in the tournament. Well, these are the 10 best weapons from the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs:

1. Havoc


Category: Auto AR

  • Total Kills: 821
  • Total Damage Dealt: 332,442
  • Cumulative Playtime: 54h 4m 5s

2. Hemlok


Category: Burst AR

  • Total Kills: 645
  • Total Damage Dealt: 508,074
  • Cumulative Playtime: 113h 7m 6s

3. Volt


Category: Auto SMG

  • Total Kills: 503
  • Total Damage Dealt: 200,913
  • Cumulative Playtime: 32h 17m 22s

4. Nemesis


Category: Burst AR

  • Total Kills: 177
  • Total Damage Dealt: 164,465
  • Cumulative Playtime: 41h 5m 32s

5. Prowler


Category: Burst SMG

  • Total Kills: 141
  • Total Damage Dealt: 57,294
  • Cumulative Playtime: 10h 15m 51s

6. Flatline


Category: Auto AR

  • Total Kills: 119
  • Total Damage Dealt: 94,693
  • Cumulative Playtime: 26h 27m 9s

7. 30-30


Category: Semi-Auto Marskman

  • Total Kills: 103
  • Total Damage Dealt: 110,566
  • Cumulative Playtime: 28h 48m 49s

8. C.A.R


Category: Auto SMG

  • Total Kills: 98
  • Total Damage Dealt: 38,853
  • Cumulative Playtime: 7h 37m 33s

9. Peacekeeper


Category: Lever Action Shotgun

  • Total Kills: 90
  • Total Damage Dealt: 32,388
  • Cumulative Playtime: 3h 22m 14s

10. Mozambique


Category: Auto Shotgun Pistol

  • Total Kills: 55
  • Total Damage Dealt: 16,689
  • Cumulative Playtime: 2h 1m 28s

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There you go! Now you know what pros used in the ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs tournament to best their opponents. However, keep in mind that just because these are the best weapons right now doesn’t mean they’ll be good in the next tournament, too. With Apex’s next balance update, the scenario will surely change, and we’ll see some exciting results in the next ALGS tournament.

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