Best Ways to Find Every Ore in Minecraft Easily

Arnan Bonny
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Here are the best ways you can get each and every ore in Minecraft!

Minecraft is probably the most popular sandbox game to date. It was developed and published by Mojang Studios in 2009. The game is characterized by its blocky world design.

However, as simple as it may look at first glance, the game has hundreds of hours worth of content to unravel and enjoy.

Minecraft allows you to build anything that your mind can imagine, whether that be a huge mansion or a village filled with residents.

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The game comes with two modes primarily. One is the Survival Mode, where you’re stranded in the middle of a gigantic world and left to survive. Another is the Creative Mode, where you’re given an unlimited number of every item in the game to make whatever you want.

If you’re more driven by the aspect of surviving, gathering your own essential resources, and going out on adventures, then you’re more suited for the Survival Mode.

One resource you’ll constantly be on the hunt for is the different kinds of ores in the game. Whether you’re just starting out and looking for iron, or you put a fair amount of time in the game and are now looking for netherite.

Either way, this guide will cover the best ways you can get each of the ore in the game. So keep on reading to find out!

Best Way To Find Every Ore in Minecraft

1. Coal

Coal in Minecraft

Coal is one of the earliest resources you’ll be looking for when you are new to the world of Minecraft. That’s because coal is the most common fuel for your furnaces. And thankfully, coal ores are fairly common in the game.

Coal ores spawn as high as Y=256 and can even be found around Y=0. However, the most common level for mining coal is at around Y=90.

2. Copper

Copper in Minecraft

If coal and iron were the most common ores people search for, then copper would be exactly the opposite of that. Because to this day, there aren’t many uses for this relatively new ore.

If you do want to farm it, try to dig around Y=48. Luckily, copper ores are fairly common, spawning from levels of Y=-16 to Y=112.

3. Iron

Iron In Minecraft

Iron probably has more uses than any other ore on this list. Aside from making durable armor, weapons, and tools, iron is also used in a wide range of other crafting recipes.

In Minecraft, Iron spawns from Y=-32 to Y=256. However, the best level to look for this ore is at Y=16. One other way to get Iron easily is through an iron farm. While it is not as complicated as some of the other farms in the game, it can take a little time. But we assure you, it’ll be worth your while once it’s up and running.

4. Gold

Gold in Minecraft

Although gold armor and tools are notorious for their low durability, gold ingots are actually used in a decent number of crafting recipes. Not to mention, you can also use them to trade with piglins.

Gold ore generates between levels Y=-64 and Y=32. And Y=15 is where you’ll probably find it the most. But the easiest way to stock up on gold is actually to travel to the nether with a fortune III pickaxe. Because nether gold ores are actually very common in the nether and can net you a decent amount of gold with relative ease.

5. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis in Minecraft

Lapis Lazuli is absolutely essential for enchanting your weapons, armor, books, and tools. So it’s not a bad idea to stock up on them. Lapis generates between Y= -64 and 64 and can be most commonly found at Y=0.

6. Redstone

Redstone in Minecraft

Although you cannot make weapons or armor from it, redstones are the foundation of any redstone contraptions. Fortunately, you can easily stock up on Redstone every time you go mining a little deeper.

Redstone ore generates between Y=-32 and Y=-64. And the best level for mining it is around Y=-64.

7. Diamond

Diamond In Minecraft

In terms of popularity, diamond is the most sought-after item in Minecraft. And it has surely earned that title for its wide range of uses. Not to mention that diamond armor, weapons, and tools were the best in the game for a long period of time and are still considered solid and viable for taking on challenges.

Diamond ores most commonly generate below Y=16. And the most common level you can find diamond is at Y= -53.

8. Emerald

Emerald in Minecraft

If there was a currency in Minecraft, then it would be emeralds. Emeralds are most commonly used for trading with villagers who have a profession. You can find emerald ores between Y=-16 and Y=256, and it usually is the most common at around Y=224.

However, the easiest way to get gold is by trading with villagers like a fletcher, a farmer, or a librarian. Some of the best trades are:

  • Trade sticks with a Fletcher. Sticks can be easily obtained by having a bamboo forest.
  • Trade carrots and wheat with a Farmer.
  • Trade paper with a Librarian. Paper can be obtained by having a sugarcane farm.

We actually have a detailed guide on all the sources you can gather emeralds from in Minecraft. Do check it out here.

9. Nether Quartz

Quartz in Minecraft

Well, there’s only one way to get quartz in Minecraft: through the Nether. Fortunately, nether quartz is very common in the nether, so you won’t have too much trouble finding them. Just make sure to mine them with a pickaxe, because they won’t drop anything if you break the ores with something else.

10. Ancient Debris

Netherite in Minecraft

The item that replaced diamond as the most durable item for making armor, weapons, and tools is now Netherite. Which can only be obtained from the Ancient Debris. Ancient debris can be found in the nether around Y=15. But be warned that it is several times more rarer than even diamonds!

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Arnan Bonny is a Guide writer at GameRiv.