Best Ways to Farm Flower Coins: Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Asil Ahsan
By Asil Ahsan
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If you are wondering about the best ways to farm flower coins in Mario Wonder. Then, this guide can help you out!

Super Mario Bros Wonder introduces purple flower coins as the new currency, which you will have to collect and spend in the game for item purchases and other stuff.

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This isn’t unusual for Nintendo Switch as they have changed the currencies of some of their other titles as well. But if you are just starting with the game and badly need the flower coins, then this guide will show you how to do so.

Best Ways to Farm Flower Coins

Here are the easiest and most optimal ways you can farm flower coins in Super Mario Bros. Wonder:

Play the Game

It is very unlikely that you will need a massive amount of flower points right at the beginning of the game. So, complete a few stages, and you will be able to accumulate enough coins to make your desired purchase.

The game actually allows you to get a lot of flower coins. Just complete the first two worlds, and you will see the amount of flower coins you have hoarded for yourself.

Take on the Expert Badge Challenge Jet Run 1

If the standard way of earning flower coins doesn’t fit your needs, then you can go ahead and pick this challenge in the Pipe-Rock plateau. Upon successful completion, you will be handed 13 flower coins, which resets every 4 minutes.

Therefore, wait till the reset and keep completing the challenge until you get the desired amount of flower coins for yourself.

That being said, remember that doing this can become extremely boring and time-consuming. So, do this if you desperately need the flower coins.

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