Best VALORANT Agents You Should Pick on Haven to Win More Matches

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

Haven is VALORANT’s introduction to the infamous three spike sites. Let’s find out what Agents you should play on this map to secure the most victories.

Haven is one of the three maps that were originally introduced with VALORANT’s beta release. Initially, the community was a little bit skeptical about the map’s balance toward competitive gameplay due to its unique three-site layout. However, the map immediately captured everyone’s attention in an overwhelming way.

Despite having three spike sites, the community found the map intriguing to play on. Sure, there are obvious positive and negative sides to having different map characteristics, but that’s what makes VALORANT different from other competitive shooters.

However, having fun vs. winning while having fun is completely different. And nobody wants to lose. So, picking the right Agent for the right map is a must. Hence, in this article, we’ll list the best Agents that you should play on Haven to make sure you don’t lose the match for not picking the right character.

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Haven’s 3-site Layout and Agent Choices

Haven is a beautiful map that was released with VALORANT beta. Before Lotus, it was the only map to feature a 3-site layout in VALORANT. As a result, it is a must that you play at least two Sentinels on this map as Defenders.

haven map layout
credit: riot games

To take map control as Attackers, you must have at least one Controller Agent in your team. Haven also encourages long-range engagements for Duelists in A Long, Mid Courtyard, and C Long. So, Duelists, who can escape really quickly, tend to do well in Haven. For Initiators, it is recommended that you pick an Agent who can clear angles from a distance.

Best Agents to Play on Haven

In the previous section, we talked about what types of Agents fit well in Haven and how many of each role you should have in your team. But there are many Agents to pick from, and choosing the best one is crucial to winning a match in Haven.

Thankfully, Haven has been in the competitive map rotation for a long time now. Thousands of matches have been played on this map, giving us enough information to know the current meta and which Agents are best on this map. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Best Duelists


  • Abilities:
    • Passive: Soul Harvest
    • Basic: Leer
    • Signatures: Devour, Dismiss
    • Ultimate: Empress

Reyna, as a Duelist, needs no introduction. She is good on almost every map. However, the reason we picked Reyna as our primary Duelist in Haven is because of her flashes and the ability to use the Dismiss ability to get picks in long-range engagements and get back safely.


  • Abilities:
    • Passive: Drift
    • Basic: Cloudburst, Updraft
    • Signature: Tailbind
    • Ultimate: Blade Storm

Jett is irreplaceable for Operator users. Sure, Chamber and Reyna can somewhat fill her shoes. However, they can never effectively replace Jett. So, even after Jett’s continuous nerfs, she can still be a good Duelist for you or your team in Haven for so many reasons.

Best Controllers



  • Basic: Shrouded Step, Paranoia
  • Signature: Dark Cover
  • Ultimate: From the Shadows

Omen should be the de facto choice in your regular-ranked matches since playing Astra requires teammates with a high understanding of the game. Such teammates are often a luxury, so playing Omen is safer whenever possible.

However, that’s not the main reason why you would want to pick Omen over others. Omen’s abilities are also quite simple and effective in most scenarios. Not to mention, Omen’s teleport can be a nightmare on maps like Haven, as it is impossible to guess where they will plant the Spike.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Incendiary, Stim Beacon
    • Signature: Sky Smoke
    • Ultimate: Orbital Strike

Brimstone is probably one of the most straightforward Agents to master in VALORANT. However, just because he is convenient doesn’t mean he is not useful. With his smokes, you can carry out full-blown execution at all three sites. Even on the Defenders side, Brim’s smokes and Incendiary come in handy. So, whether you’re new to the game or a proven veteran, you should consider picking him up in Haven.

Best Sentinels


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Alarmbot, Nanoswarm
    • Signature: Turret
    • Ultimate: Lockdown

You can take Killjoy because she is right now the overall meta Sentinel Agent. All her abilities are ideally suited for holding off the A or C site. Moreover, her Ultimate comes in clutch while retaking or pushing a site. Unfortunately, she is not as useful on the Attacker side as she can’t hold off flanks effectively due to her limited range. This is where Cypher comes into play.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Trapwire, Cyber Cage
    • Signature: Spycam
    • Ultimate: Neutral Theft

Similar to Killjoy, Cypher can prevent any pushes from enemies as Defenders. Thanks to his wide collection of gadgets, he can hold multiple sites at once. However, trying to use all the gadgets on different sites can make Cypher’s defense weak. So, it is not really suggested. Overall, Cypher’s gadgets are really crucial in getting information on both sides rather than completely shutting down enemies’ push. So, you need to pick him wisely.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Barrier Orb, Slow Orb
    • Signature: Healing Orb
    • Ultimate: Resurrection

Sage’s Barrier Orb is by far the best ability to hold off the B site. While playing as Defenders, you can literally put the wall in front of the B entrance and help your other teammates on other sites for half of the rounds. On the Attacker side, however, Sage is not that useful except for healing her teammates. But if your team is picking Skye, then we suggest you take Killjoy or Cypher to maximize your chance of winning.

Best Initiators 


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Owl Drone, Shock Bolt
    • Signature: Recon Bolt
    • Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury

Since Haven has been in the competitive map pool for the longest time, the community has figured out really insane lineups for Haven. So, if you can learn those lineups, you’ll probably be the most useful and effective player on the server. However, learning those lineups can also be tiresome for many, and they only work if you’re playing with a premade party. So, Sova might not always be the right choice for you.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Regrowth, Trailblazer
    • Signature: Guiding Light
    • Ultimate: Seekers

Skye is overall a good Initiator Agent for any map, including Haven. You can clear close angles with the Trailblazer and then use flashes to make way for your team. Moreover, you can heal them when they get injured. Even in clutch situations, you can make incredible plays with Skye on your own. So, Skye is an all-round Agent who works well on both the Defender and Attacker sides.

Best Team Compositions in Haven

We’ve given you some ideas regarding what Agents to pick in Haven. Now, let’s talk about the team composition. Good or bad, not every Agent syncs with other Agents. For example, if you have Skye on your team, then there’s almost no point in picking up Sage. Instead, go for the other two Sentinels that we recommended and vice versa. The same rule will also apply to flash and smoke Agents.

With that in mind, here’s our recommendation for the best team compositions in Haven:

  • Team composition 1: Jett, Cypher, Killjoy, Brimstone, Skye
  • Team composition 2: Reyna, Killjoy, Sage, Brimstone, Sova
  • Team composition 3: Jett, Cypher, Sage, Omen, Skye

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Final Verdict

Every Agent has unique and useful abilities in VALORANT. If utilized properly, any Agent can lead you to a foolproof win. However, some Agents are always preferred over others for particular maps. This article on Haven is based on the Agent’s abilities and how well they fit with the map’s layout and structure. So try them out and see what works for you best. Good luck!

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