Best VALORANT Agents to Master Ascent and Boost your Winrate

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Ascent can seem like a simple map to play, but even that has Agents that are more suited and will help you win more games.

Ascent is by far the most aesthetic map to exist in VALORANT. It has both the strategic depth that experienced players will try to exploit and is simple enough for newbies. Therefore, Ascent stands out as a genuinely loved map by the player base.

Even then, there are optimal ways to approach the game, and playing Ascent is no different. VALORANT currently has seven maps in the competitive map pool: Ascent, Haven, Lotus, Bind, Split, Breeze, and Sunset. Ascent is the easiest to approach and can act as your gateway to learning the game. So, let us help you choose the best agent for your playstyle and win rate!

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Ascent’s Simplistic Map Design and Agent Choices

While VALORANT has a reputation for adding unique flavors and concepts to every one of its maps, Ascent is different. The uniqueness of Ascent is that it has no game-changing gimmicks. It is the most vanilla of all the maps. There are two sites and one large neutral mid-area that connects both. Ascent is canonically located in Venice, Italy, on Alpha Earth.

Ascent Map

Due to the simple nature of the map, the agent composition is a bit different from other maps. Playing two initiators is a decent option as initiators can also act as a duelist when you enter the site. Using one controller is enough to divide the map and use only one sentinal on the B site.

Best Agents to Pick in Ascent

Ascent is one of the two maps that are yet to be removed from the competitive map rotation. The map seems to be balanced enough, and the standard meta has been established. Here is our pick on which Agents are the best in each class.

Best Duelists


  • Abilities:
    • Passive: Drift
    • Basic: Cloudburst, Updraft
    • Signature: Tailwind
    • Ultimate: Blade Storm

VALORANT’s most celebrated Duelist, Jett, is one of our top picks for Ascent. Jett’s potential in this map maxes out when you are at your best. She is essential if you are an operator user, and her quick disengagement will help you out of any sticky situation. In the hands of a capable player, Jett can quickly take control of the open battlefield.


  • Abilities:
    • Passive: Soul Harvester
    • Basic: Leer
    • Signature: Devour, Dismiss
    • Ultimate: Empress

Reyna is more player-focused than team-focused. While a Jett player can take control of their team, a Reyna player will take over the game herself. Her ability to flash through walls and dismiss or heal after an encounter is a great tool if you can use it correctly. Her ultimate ability is also a round changer if your skills can back it up.

Best Controllers


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Shrouded Step, Paranoia
    • Signatures: Dark Cover
    • Ultimate: From The Shadows

Omen is back as a top Controller pick due to the slower pace of the game now. As you fight for map control, having replenishing smokes really helps dial the clock down. Using your Paranoia is also useful for clearing the tight corners during entry. All in all, Omen is a must-have if you want the best chance to win.  


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Snake Bite, Poison Cloud
    • Signatures: Toxic Screen 
    • Ultimate: Viper’s Pit

Viper is an expert in area denial and forcing your opponents through a chokepoint. Her Poison Cloud can deny vision. You can also use her Toxic Screen to cut parts of the map off and take control. While her abilities are not as dynamic, she is still a great choice.

Best Sentinels


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Alarmbot, Nanoswarm
    • Signatures: Turret
    • Ultimate: Lockdown

Despite massive meta changes, Killjoy passed the test of time & proved herself worthy. In Pistol rounds, your Turret can defend against waves of incoming site executes. Ascent offers a good number of elevated and hard-to-spot places from where Killjoy can unleash her deathblows. Besides these abilities, Killjoy is also a good post-plant agent. 


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Trapwire, Cyber Cage
    • Signature: Spycam
    • Ultimate: Neutral Theft

Cypher has slowly risen back to being a top-level Sentinel. The buffs to Cypher have made him a respectable anchor. If you prefer a more aggressive playstyle instead of turtling with Killjoy, you can use Cypher to have eyes on all your opponents.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Barrier Orb, Slow Orb
    • Signatures: Healing Orb
    • Ultimate: Resurrection

Although Sage’s Barrier Orb alone isn’t sufficient to meet the need for a proper anchoring utility she makes up for her lackings through her ultimate, which can immediately turn the tides of a match by reviving a teammate. Using her to turn a 1v1 into a 2v1 can swing the momentum in your favor.

Best Initiators


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Owl Drone, Shock Bolt
    • Signatures: Recon Bolt
    • Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury

Sova is a very difficult Agent to master. Ascent may have a simple shape and no gimmicks, but the sites have a number of nooks and crannies. Using Sova’s Recon Bolt can reveal much needed information. Using his Hunter’s Fury can easily secure any round in the afterplant.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: FRAG/ment, FLASH/drive
    • Signatures: ZERO/point
    • Ultimate: NULL/cmd

Using KAY/O can allow you to force enemies to fight on your terms. By disabling their abilities, you can easily avoid their traps and make them fight you head-on. If you are confident in taking those duels, make sure you have the advantage of flashes while your opponents can only stare at them!

Best Team Compositions in Ascent

VALORANT is a game of changing balances. While two teams with the same Agents might not play the same, even swapping one of the picks might drastically change the way you play a map. Ascent doesn’t need two duelists or Controllers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not viable.

Here are our recommended best compositions to effectively play on Ascent

  • Team Composition 1: Omen, Killjoy, Jett, Sova, KAY/O
  • Team Composition 2: Omen, Viper, Reyna, KAY/O, Sage
  • Team Composition 3: Omen, Cypher, Jett, Sova, Sage

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Final Verdict

The game has matured a lot since the early days of VALORANT. Players are mechanically better and also have a better understanding of the abilities and weaknesses of all the maps and agents. Whether in Attack or Defense, Ascent’s offerings are truly generous. Unlike Icebox, Ascent never got hit by any criticism from the players. , and it’s a natural battlefield where any team can thrive and compete.

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