Best VALORANT Agents for Ascent in 2022

Individual improvement depends on smart decision-making, knowing your playstyle & suitable agent is vital for your success in VALORANT.

Ascent is by far the most aesthetic map to exist in the VALORANT realm. Developers at Riot invested years of effort to develop Ascent. Most players would agree to the fact that Ascent offers a balanced experience with decent rooms for strategical gameplay. Aside from these facts, if you are a beginner or an intermediate-level player, choosing the right agent for your playstyle might be a difficult task.

Although it might depend on individual playstyle, picking the right agent contributes a lot to the overall outcome of any match. VALORANT’s core gameplay has changed drastically in the last six months.

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As a consequence, some agents are now more effective than they were previously. Similarly, players are continuously changing agent compositions to keep up with other teams in the professional community.

In this guide for Ascent, we will focus on individual agents from different classes.

Best agents for Ascent


  • S-Tier: Jett, Raze
  • A-Tier: Phoenix, Reyna
  • B-Tier: Yoru
Best Duelist Agents for Ascent
Best Duelist Agents for Ascent

Jett & Raze

After our guide for Bind, VALORANT’s most celebrated duelist Jett is again in our top pick for Ascent. Jett’s potential in this map maxes out when playing with competent teammates. Accompanied by a Breach or Omen, Jett can deliver crippling damage to any opponent. Jett can move around with Operator and keep the enemies at bay even on her own. On the other hand, Raze cannot go all out like Jett, but she has her unique ability to expand options for the team by forcing enemies out of choke points in early rounds. Her Showstopper, Boom Bot & Paint Shells are all made to damage enemies from medium or short distances. 

Phoenix & Reyna

Phoenix is also a lethal option if you are aware of your surroundings & your opponents. Going on solo adventures with Phoenix might not be a good option, but sticking with the team will bring better results. Additionally, Phoenix’s Run It Back ability can make way for the entire team whenever available. Reyna offers similar values, but her only limitation is the Empress ability. Empress is designed to benefit only Reyna, and it doesn’t contribute anything to the team’s performance. However, Reyna can be really effective in low-ranked lobbies where the risk factor is generally low.  


Although Yoru is getting some much-needed attention in recent VCT tournaments, the agent is still far away from being complete. Yoru’s potential only shines when the individual playing it has an excellent grip on the agent.


  • S-Tier: Astra
  • A-Tier: Omen
  • B-Tier: Brimstone
  • C-Tier: Viper
 Best Controller Agents for Ascent
Best Controller Agents for Ascent


Favored by the pros, loved by the tacticians, Astra’s rise to the throne was quick. Due to her diverse abilities, the North American VALORANT scene prioritized the agent for all kinds of tournaments. Astra’s abilities work like a helping hand for the duelists, and her Gravity Well, Nova Pulse & Nebula all have particular purposes. Likewise, Astra’s Cosmic Divide is exceptionally effective to gain map control in Ascent.


Before Astra’s integration in VALORANT, Omen used to have most of the attention from Professional players. Due to his ability to lurk and provide cover for the team from basically anywhere, Omen had an excellent pick rate. Recent meta changes made Omen a comparable weaker agent than before. However, Omen is still popular because of his easy-to-play characteristics & abilities like Paranoia & From the Shadows.  


Brimstone is pretty much the face of the European VALORANT scene. If you prefer to play a support agent with a slightly smaller learning curve, Brimstone is the way to go. Although simple, Brimstone’s Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike can guarantee map control in early rounds or even late rounds. 


Viper is a solution to a problem that is yet to arrive. While agents like Astra & Omen are in control of the professional scene, it’s tough to play Viper without a fully coordinated team covering other aspects of the game. However, her Piosn Cloud & Snake Bite can make post-plant easier for any team. 


  • S-Tier: Killjoy 
  • A-Tier: Cypher
  • B-Tier: Sage
 Best Sentinel Agents for Ascent
Best Sentinel Agents for Ascent


Despite massive meta changes, Killjoy passed the test of time & proven herself worthy. In Pistol rounds, a well-placed Killjoy Turret can defend waves of incoming site executes. Ascent offers a good number of elevated and hard-to-spot places from where Killjoy can unleash her deathblows. Besides these abilities, Killjoy is also a good post-plant agent. 


After the recent updates, Cypher is no longer the King of Sentinels, and his abilities are now severely weakened. However, Cypher has frequently been seen in S Tier tournaments. If you study some uncommon Camera Sports in Ascent, playing Cypher will give you crucial advantages over the enemies.  


Picking Sage in Ascent is a common trend among S Tier teams. Although, Sage’s Barrier Orb alone isn’t sufficient to meet the need for a proper anchoring utility like Killjoy’s Turret or Cypher’s Tripwire. Nevertheless, Sage makes up for her lackings through the Resurrection ability, which can immediately turn the tides of a match by reviving a teammate.


  • S-Tier: Sova
  • A-Tier: Skye 
  • B-Tier: Breach
  • C-Tier: Kay/O
 Best Initiator Agents for Ascent
Best Initiator Agents for Ascent


Sova makes it to our S Tier due to his lethal & tactical abilities. Even though his utilities are now a bit on the pricey end, Sova’s extraordinary ability to gather precise information about enemies is still quite impressive. Additionally, Sova’s post-plant effectiveness and Hunter’s Fury & Owl Drone are vital for the Ascent map.

What if you wanted to use all the abilities of Sova but with the advantages of playing a Duelist? In that case, Skye would be the perfect agent for your taste. Although classified as an Initiator, Skye has every utility required to perform the tasks of a Duelist agent. 


Pre 3.0 Patch Breach was a force to be reckoned with. However, Riot has shifted the meta overnight by modifying some abilities of Breach. Even though Breach’s Aftershock and Fault Line are really good initiating abilities, the reduced amount of Flashpoints is a huge issue now. Breach’s Rolling Thunder compensates for most of his downsides.


Ascent is not exactly a small map, and agents like Kay/O are not well suited for this map. On the other hand, Kay/O has similar Duelist-like specialties to Skye. It’s not advisable to go all out with Kay/O in your regular ranked matches. Nevertheless, playing Kay/O to supplement for a Duelist might not be an unpleasant idea with a proper team. 

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Whether in Attack or Defense, Ascent’s offerings are truly generous. Unlike Icebox, Ascent never got hit by any criticism from the players. , and its natural battleground where any team can thrive and compete. While keeping the meta changes in mind, this agent Tier list for Ascent focused on primary things like utilities, map control, team values & abilities.

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