Best Settings for League of Legends

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Best Settings for League of Legends

Ensuring the most optimized settings can give you massive advantages in an online multiplayer game like League of Legends.

When playing any multiplayer game, players should utilize anything and everything that gives them an edge over their opponent. And if you are looking for the best performance, optimizing the game settings is crucial.

League is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) where PvP games are 5vs5 in a battle for the enemy ‘Nexus.’ Ranked games usually take around 30 minutes but can easily go up to 40-50 minutes. To play for that long, you will need settings that are comfortable and also not distracting in any way.

Mid-range computers can run League of Legends pretty smoothly as League is not a graphics-heavy game. So the main goal of optimizing your settings is getting the best performance for your PC and controlling settings like sounds and more minor details to give you a smooth gaming experience.

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Client Settings for League of Legends

The League of Legends client can sometimes be glitchy. Despite Riot earning so much from League, they are still struggling to optimize the client properly. And at this point, it has pretty much become a meme. Luckily client doesn’t impact your gameplay in any way. But there are some client settings that we recommend you try out.

Enable Low Spec Mode

Low Spec Mode

Checking ‘Enable Low Spec Mode’ in the general settings will improve the performance of your client by reducing lag or shuttering.

Sound Settings for Client

Client sound is not that important, so try playing around with it to see what you like. The default SFX and Champion Select music can be really loud. Moreover, after accepting the match, you may also have problems hearing anything else from the loud music. Players usually turn off the client music to talk with their duo queue partners or friends while on the champion select screen.

Client Sound Settings

Best Keybinds For League of Legends

Hotkeys are very important for playing League. Here you want to keep everything close to your fingers. A good League player will always take advantage of hotkeys that average players don’t know how to use.

Basic Keybinds

Try to use ‘Quick Cast’ for everything as it is way faster than ‘Normal Cast.’ Even if you used ‘Normal Cast’ from the beginning, we highly recommend switching to ‘Quick Cast,’ as fast ability combos are challenging to pull off on the ‘Normal Cast.’

  • Abilities: Q, W, E, R
  • Summoner Spell: D, F
  • Items: 1, 2, 3 (Games are rare where you have more than 2 active items you need to use. So using 1, 2, and 3 as main buttons for items is enough. the rest can be C and 5, 6)
  • Trinket: 4 (Having trinkets at 4 lets you ward faster as it is closer to your finger)

Additional Keybinds

There are some additional hotkeys you need to use to perform better.

  • Self Cast: Alt + Q/W/E/R
  • Level Up Abilities: CTRL + Q/W/E/R
  • Target Champions Only: ` (Grave Key)
  • Attack Move: Shift + MB2

Hop into a practice match and test out these hotkeys, especially ‘target champions only’ and ‘attack move.’ These two can give you a massive advantage over other players.

Best Mouse Settings for League of Legends

You would want to play on a higher DPI when playing League. Playing on 1200 DPI and reducing mouse speed in the game settings can give you faster and more precise movements.

Game Settings
  • Mouse Speed: 25-30
  • Camera Move Speed (Mouse): 20-25
  • Camera Move Speed (Keyboard): 55-60

Unlike FPS games, fast mouse movements can help you perform better in League of Legends. Also, while you are in the game settings, turn off ‘Auto attack.’ This is just good practice as your champion will no longer automatically attack minions, thus letting you last hit precisely.

Best Sound Settings for League of Legends

Sounds in League of Legends are not that important. Still, we would suggest you turn up ‘Pings Bolume’ and ‘Announcer Volume.’ These two will keep you informed about the state of the game when playing.

Riot Games are known for releasing good music and songs for different events. So you can keep the music volume at 40-50% if you feel like vibing. But if you are trying to be really competitive, we would suggest turning it off completely.

Best Interface Settings for League of Legends

If you have just started playing League, you can keep your HUD Scale at 100, giving you more information. But once you get used to it, I suggest you turn it down as much as you are comfortable with so you get more area on your screen to see what is happening in the game.

Chat Scale should be around 80 so you don’t miss important notifications.

Interface Settings

Minimap Scale must be at 100, so you can find yourself and your teammates on the map and also spot enemies faster.

Best Graphics Settings for League of Legends

Graphics settings in League of Legends are totally up to you and your computer. League doesn’t require a lot to run smoothly. If you have a mid or lower-range computer, start with very low graphics settings and then go up if you think your computer can handle it. Keep Anti-Aliasing, Vertical Sync, and Character Inking off to improve performance. You might also want to turn off Shadows.

Keep FPS uncapped to get the best gameplay possible. If your FPS fluctuates a lot, you should set the limit to 144.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.