Best Nations For Tanks in War Thunder 2021: Ranking from Worst to Best

War Thunder has a lot of choices when it comes to picking nations for Tanks. Hence we list and rank all the best nations for Tanks in War Thunder.

When one hears war games the first thought that comes to mind is FPS games and occasionally, third-person shooters. Among them, War Thunder stands out with its unique approach to realistic war games. Focusing on vehicular combat only, War Thunder dishes out a magnificent harmony of air, land, and sea combat and a focus on tactical gameplay.

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This free-to-play game has been growing over the years with a passionate community. Thanks to the devs constant support and a huge array of choices and freedom when it comes to choosing your perfect vehicle. For this guide, we will be listing the best nations for tanks in War Thunder. So that you can pick the tank that is best for your upcoming reign of land destruction.

All Tank Nations in War Thunder

War Thunder has 9 nations to play as Tanks. While some are very strong with their tank arsenal some fall short and you will be just wasting time. The options are from the USA, Germany, USSR, Great Britain, Sweden, China, Japan, Italy, France.


 Nations Tanks  War Thunder
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China lacks any uniqueness when it comes to tanks. Although they have a few commendable tanks at the top tier. But the grind is not worth it. Moreover, their lineup is an exact copy of other Nations. Making China not a very enjoyable Nation to play on tanks with.


 Nations Tanks  War Thunder
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Japan focuses on tanks that have great firepower but it is held back by mediocre armor almost on every Tank in the entire tree. Hence, Japanese Tanks come in handy only in certain situations. Especially with their AFVs.


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Italian tanks offer some weak tanks as well as some strong tanks. Their stronger tanks belong on the higher tier which takes some grinding to do. Other than that most of their tanks have very little defense and armor. Without expert players, they can easily get outplayed.


 Nations Tanks  War Thunder
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French Tanks have great all-rounder tanks and some extremely scary tanks at the top tier. But they are held behind by expensive repair costs which repel some gamers. On the other hand, there are other better all-around options in this game that offers more.


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Sweden is a prime choice for players that prefers to go defensive. This does not really mean that Swedish tanks have very high defense. Instead, they have great speed and shot power with their limited but unique choices of tanks in their tech trees.

Use Sweden’s tanks to ambush enemies, perform deadly hit and run tactics. This is especially useful against heavier and hence slower tanks.

Great Britain

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Great Britain has one of the largest tech trees in War Thunder. Therefore giving you different options to play with. They offer almost all types of tanks. Heavier and bulkier options to lighter and faster runners. Tanks focused on explosive firepower to the ones more focused on penetrating power. But they often rely on solid shotshells, which means you need to have a good aim for the weakness if you want quick takedowns.

All in all Tanks of Great Britain has a lot of options to choose from with a total of 88 tanks in their tech tree. They can be used for support, capturing positions, and other tactical advances. This also means they require a bit of grinding to get to the best tanks. Hence this is preferred more by experienced players of the game.


 Nations Tanks  War Thunder
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German tanks are packs some of the heaviest punches in the game. Furthermore, their expanded research tree of 125 vehicles means, you can always switch up your style and still dominate the battlefield. A prime example is the Tiger tanks.

Moreover, apart from a variety of tanks, the German lineup also offers powerful and large cannons that can one-shot enemies or at least deliver tremendous damage. No matter what size they are.

The downside of German armored vehicles is that their mid-tier lacks strong armors and is also on the slower side. Which is compensated by higher maneuverability. Players also have to practice and learn how to position their tanks perfectly to ricochet enemy cannons, to reduce damage taken. This is because of their slope less shape. This takes a bit of practice.

Germany is a good choice for those who really want to live up to the ‘tank’ name.


 Nations Tanks  War Thunder
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Tanks of the USSR are aggressive, fast, powerful, but most importantly they will never fail you. An amazing aspect of USSR tanks is that their tech tree( 135 in total) offers tanks for all types of gameplay in a balanced way. Each of their armored vehicles excels at its purpose.

If you love playing with adrenaline, this is the nation for you. USSR allows you to go head-on with destructive intent. Anti-air, anti-tank, light, medium, heavy you can ride them all. Their balance of attack as well as defending and movement capabilities means you can perform in any situation. Let it be defending a point, capturing a point, even flanking enemies. Furthermore, unlike the Germans, USSR tanks are built with a sloping shape making them easier to resist damage.

USSR’s all-around gameplay makes it a perfect choice for newbies.


 Nations Tanks  War Thunder
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US tanks give a lot of freedom to their players. Even at lower tiers, with their solid line-ups. Their balance lets you attack head-on, or act as a great support to your teammates. Although USA tank tech trees require a lot of grinding, even lower-tier tanks can hold on their own. Thanks to its considerable firepower and fast, agile movement. And if you reach the higher tier of tanks, you will surely see some lacking in the self-propelled and anti-tank department. But with the legendary and balanced options you get, you will hardly notice the difference.

Some notable tanks that are sure to cause mayhem are the Jumbo and T34 tanks. Some of the strongest heavy armored tanks in the War Thunder. Almost all of the tanks in the USA line-up leave places for mistakes, so they are a great pick for the ones learning the ropes of the game. Yes, both USSR and USA offer balanced gameplay, but some of the notable tanks the USA possesses take them up a notch.

Best Tank Nations in War Thunder (A Complete Tier

  • S-Tier (Best): USA, USSR
  • A-Tier (Good): Germany, Sweden, Great Britain
  • B- Tier (Average): Japan, France, Italy
  • C- Tier (Not recomended): China

The S-tier tanks are some of the strongest and most balanced sets of tanks in the game. You can play in the way style you want and dominate the game. Hence they are deadly when in the hands of the pros as well as can hold their own when played by newcomers.

A-Tier tanks are great options to pick, they have their uniqueness and playstyles that the others just cannot match up with. Some require grinding, some require shooting or movement practice. But all of them are true land warfare vehicles.

B-tier tanks as their tier suggests are average at best, they have minimal or no redeeming qualities or are very situational. Making you handicapped in other situations. They are better left out unless if you want to try something new. Italian tanks are small and offer no armor, easily destroyable. But they have one thing going for them which is their speed. But it doesn’t make up for much, except their decent top-tier lineup.

C-tier tanks from China are some of the worst in the game. For Tank or land warfare you should not even think about picking them when there are so many choices in the game. They may excel in a different mode of vehicles such as sea or air. On the other hand, Chinese tanks offer almost nothing in terms of advantages, except a handful of tanks. Those are really good. Nevertheless, you should not spend your time researching tech trees for them just to get your hands on a few powerful vehicles.

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