Best Map Seeds You Can Use In LEGO: Fortnite

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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If you’re looking to find the best map seeds in LEGO: Fortnite that you can spawn in then look no further!

LEGO: Fortnite is the newest survival game developed by Epic Games. Although the game is visibly inspired by the popular game Minecraft, Epic Games imbued Lego Fortnite with LEGO’s visual aesthetics along with the colorful world of Fortnite.

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LEGO Fortnite itself doesn’t really have an overarching storyline that holds everything together; however, you are instilled with a sense of exploration, discovery, and achieving prosperity right from the get-go. LEGO Fortnite lets you loose in its vast randomly generated world to find resources on your own or along with your friends to build the perfect thriving village of your dreams!

As mentioned, each world in the game is procedurally generated and is therefore random. But every world is characterized by its own unique seed. Which you can use to generate the same world again! So if you want to know the best map seeds you can use in Lego Fortnite then you’re in the right spot!

Before we jump to what seeds are the best, let’s first take a look at where you need to use the seed code when generating a world.

How To Use a LEGO Fortnite Seed

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to enter a specific world.

  • Select “Create New World” from the main menu.
  • Click on either “New World Slot” or save over an existing world in the list.
  • Click on “Override World Seed” under the “Advanced Options” menu
  • Enter the seed code

Best Seeds in Lego Fortnite

Now we separated the seed codes with respect to what kind of advantage you’ll be getting. Maybe you want a world where all the biomes are nearby, or maybe you want a world where you can easily find structures and loot. So here is a list of the best world seeds for each purpose:

Best Seed For New Players: 14191128 / 0546842765

Beginner Seed Lego Fortnite

This world is perfect for beginners as it is packed to the brim with the early essentials like wood, granite, berries, pumpkins, and everything else!

Best Seed For Easy Access to Resources: 0942418202

Easy Resource Seed For Lego Fortnite

Perfect for anyone who isn’t willing to venture far and wide to find caves, structures, and other points of interest.

Best Seed For Finding Biomes: 1264970744

Best Biome Seed In Lego Fortnite

Many players struggle to find other biomes near their spawn point. Well, this seed makes it so that you’ll have easy access to both desert and ice biomes. As the two biomes are just opposite to each other from your spawn.

Best Seed For Exploration: 1820364159

Exploration Seed In LEGO Fortnite

Ruined buildings, desert biomes, watchtowers, and chests are just an arm’s reach away in this world! So put on your exploration boots and look around!

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Arnan Bonny is a Guide writer at GameRiv.