Best Interactive Maps for Skyrim Special Edition

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Skyrim Best interactive maps

Explore the world of Skyrim with these top interactive maps. Find hidden treasures and revealed locations with ease.

Interactive maps can be your trusty companions in Skyrim’s vast and magical world. Picture yourself having a map that guides you to hidden treasures, mysterious dungeons, unique items, and bustling towns all across Skyrim.

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These maps are loaded with features to make your Skyrim adventure smoother, ensuring you spend more time in action and less time tediously exploring, although the latter might appeal to most of you.

What are Interactive maps?

Interactive maps for Skyrim are your personal guides throughout Skyrim. It is like having a trusty companion that lets you traverse vast landscapes, discover hidden treasures, and plan your adventures with ease, all from the convenience of your web browser.

These interactive maps are like a virtual compass, loaded with features to enhance your journey through the captivating realm of Skyrim, ensuring your adventures flow seamlessly.

Discover points of interest, quickly locate necessary resources, and even swiftly reach quest locations with the help of Interactive maps.

Can’t find your next objective? A quick peek at the map, and you’re on the fast track to your nearest fast-travel location. It’s your ultimate tool for navigating Skyrim’s roads with ease.

The best part about interactive maps is they are supported on all platforms, whether it be Alt-tabbing to your PC’s browser or checking it from the comfort of your Smartphone or Tablet.

Features of Interactive Maps

These maps provide various features, functions, and customization to enhance your Skyrim experience. Here are some common features found in Skyrim Interactive maps:

  • Location Markers: You can view the exact location of every Cave, Landmark, Nordic Ruins, Camp, Inn, City, etc.
  • Side Quests/Points of Interest/Followers: The locations of Side Quests, Followers, Marriage candidates, Points of Interest, Standing Stones, etc., are marked.
  • Resources: If you’re running low on resources and crafting material, you can head on to the locations of Mines, Orc Strongholds, Daedric Shrines, Dragon Lairs, etc.
  • Vendors: If you’re looking for Traders, Merchants, Alchemists, Blacksmiths, Spell Vendors, Jewelers, etc., you can find them in the Interactive Map.
  • Collectables: You can find collectables such as items, Skill books, Treasure Maps, Treasure Chests, Unusual Gems (Stones of Barenziah), etc.

Best Interactive Maps

So, let’s get started on the Best Interactive Maps for Skyrim: Special Edition.

Map Genie

Skyrim Interactive Map | Map Genie
Skyrim Interactive Map | Map Genie


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Customization Options
  • Better PC, Phone, and Tablet compatibility


  • Lack of Advanced features

Map Genie’s interactive map is our top choice for navigating the vast world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Its web interface matches the game’s theme well and boasts the best compatibility across various devices, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or PC.

The user-friendly interface lets you toggle individual map legends and offers a convenient login feature to track your journey’s progress.

This highly customizable map allows you to mark discovered locations and set your custom waypoints. While it may not go into the nitty-gritty details, for general exploration and guidance, Map Genie’s interactive map is more than sufficient.

Game Banshee

Map of Skyrim | Game Banshee
Map of Skyrim | Game Banshee


  • Simplicity (The map is a single high-resolution image covering the entire area.)
  • Better readability and Convenience


  • No Interactive features
  • No customizability

If you’re looking for another handy option, consider Game Banshee’s map of Skyrim. This map boasts a stunning yet simple design, featuring all the essential locations clearly marked on a single, high-resolution image of the game world.

Think of it as your trusty paper map serving as a helpful reference while you journey through the game.

However, it operates much like a traditional map and doesn’t offer interactivity or customization. This means there is no option to toggle legends on mark-off collected treasures.

Nonetheless, it’s a valuable resource for those who prefer a straightforward approach, as you can easily save it as an image on your phone for quick access while on the go.

IGN Skyrim Map

the elder scrolls v skyrim map | IGN
The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim Map | IGN


  • Comprehensive and detailed
  • In-depth Interactivity
  • Related information at your fingertips
  • Useful for completionists


  • Cluttered Design
  • Lack of Visual appeal
  • Overwhelming for newcomers

Regarding detail, IGN’s interactive map is the best out there. Admittedly, its design might not win any awards, appearing a tad cluttered and bland. However, it more than compensates with its abundant features, covering everything from hidden treasures to all the secret locations all across Skyrim.

What sets it apart is the seamless integration with IGN’s extensive library of related articles and guides. While it might not be the prettiest map, it’s an effective tool for completionists, allowing you to meticulously track every nook and cranny of Skyrim through its comprehensive interactive tools.

So there you have it! You can integrate these Interactive maps as your trusty tools and companions on your epic journey throughout Skyrim: Special Edition.

Note that they’re not limited to just the Special Edition; they work seamlessly with the base version, Legendary Edition, and Anniversary Edition too.

Whether you’re a new adventurer looking for quest objectives or a seasoned veteran going for 100% completion, these Interactive maps will help you along the way.

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