Top 10 Early Game Personas in Persona 3: Reload (P3R)

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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Here are the strongest early-game personas you can obtain in Persona 3: Reload.

Persona 3, which is often called the darkest entry in the series, has finally gotten a full remake. Persona 3: Reload, the remake of the original 2006 classic, is a massive RPG where you need to decide how to spend your time efficiently during the day and night throughout the calendar year. Striking a balance between dungeon crawling and building up your social life.

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P3R triumphs in delivering an unforgettable and emotionally resonant story alongside stunning visuals and better combat mechanics. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Reload perfectly modernizes arguably the franchise’s greatest story. Alongside that, the game draws design and combat inspiration from the massively popular Persona 5, which all just goes well together.

The game has a striking number of personas, so you might need a little help if you wanna pummel through various challenges early game. Whether that be fighting monsters in Tartarus or going up against a main story boss. So if you’re looking for the best personas, especially for the early game, then look no further!

Best Early Game Personas in Persona 3: Reload

Here are our picks for the top 10 early-game personas in Persona 3: Reload.

10. Archangel

Archangel P3R

The main reason Archangel makes it into this list is because it can use Light Damage. That being said, Archangel’s stats are overall pretty well-rounded for the early game. Additionally, it is also resistant to Slashing Damage and is completely immune to Light Damage.

One major downside is that Archangel is weak to Dark Damage and as well as Electric Damage. Which is something to keep in mind because many of the enemies you’ll face early game in Persona 3 Reload can use dark or electric-based moves.


  • Can use Light Damage Attacks
  • Immune to Light Damage
  • Well-rounded stats.


  • Weak to Dark and Electric Damage.
  • The Justice Social Link is only accessible fairly late into the first part of the game.

9. Gurulu

Gurulu P3R

One of the best users of Dark Damage earlier on is the Moon Arcana, Gurulu. It is also resistant to Wind Damage and completely immune to Dark Damage. On top of that, Gurulu also boasts good physical attacks.


  • Early access to a Dark Damage-based Persona
  • Decent physical attacks


  • Weak to Fire and Light-based attacks.
  • Social link for Moon Arcana is unlocked very late into the game, so you won’t get an EXP bonus when you fuse the persona.

8. Neko Shogun

Neko Shogun P3R

The Star Arcana Neko Shogun is on this list because it offers several different passive buffs. One such buff is the crit ratio increase with Crit Rate Boost and Auto Rebellion. Additionally, it is one of the few personas that offer immunity to both Light and Dark Damage.


  • Can provide strong buffs for the team.
  • Immune to Light and Dark Damage. Resistant to Electricity.


  • Stats are not particularly impressive.
  • Weak to Wind Damage.

7. Forneus

Forneus P3R

Coming in at seventh is the Emperor Arcana persona, Forneus. The attack boost move Tarakuja is very handy, especially in the earlier parts of the game, where there aren’t too many stat-boosting moves to work with. Also, Forneus is one of the earliest personas you will encounter in your playthrough.


  • Access to an attack-boosting move.
  • Offers a Theurgy attack with Decarabia, called Best Friends.


  • Stats are not impressive
  • Social link for the Emperor Arcana is unlocked quite late into the first arc.

6. Rakshasa

Rakshasa P3R

Physical damage types are something people overlook in persona games, especially with the later titles. But in P3R, having a strong Physical Damage-based attacker is essential. Rakshasa can dish out two kinds of physical damage with his Slash and Pierce attacks.


  • Great physical attacker.
  • Strong against Slash and Pierce moves
  • Social link unlocked early


  • Weak to Wind and Light-based moves.

5. Jack-o’-Lantern

Jack-o'-Lantern P3R

One of the best early-game personas in P3R is Jack-o’-Lantern. It offers great magic stat relative to its level and has a wide range of elemental-type damage moves. Although, it kind of depends on how it’s fused. Also, it has a Theurgy attack with Jack Frost, called Jack Brothers.

Keep in mind that he is weak to Ice Damage but immune to Fire Damage.


  • Great elemental coverage.
  • Access to a Theurgy attack.


  • Weak to Ice damage.

4. Jack Frost

Jack Frost P3R

Coming in at fourth place is Jack Frost. He has a decent magic stat compared to other Personas in the earlier parts of Persona 3 Reload. The main reason for listing him this high is because of the Theurgy attack he has with Jack-o’-Lantern we mentioned earlier.

Besides that, he also has access to a decent selection of moves and is immune to ice. All of this makes him a fantastic choice for the early game.


  • Theurgy attack with Jack-o’-Lantern
  • Access to a good move pool
  • Social Link is unlocked early.


  • Stats aren’t particularly impressive.
  • Resistance to Ice isn’t that useful.

3. Lilim

Lilim P3R

The Devil Arcana, Lilim offers a plethora of useful buffs for your entire team. So if you’re looking for someone who can boost your team rather than directly dish out damage then you can pick Lilim. She is one of the first personas to have both Tarukaja and Rakukaja, moves that heighten your attack and defense. Additionally, she has moves that have a high chance of inflicting Life Drain and Charm on the enemy.


  • Has great utility moves.
  • Excellent stats overall


  • Social link for Devil Arcana is unlocked very late in the game.
  • Not a great pick for dishing out damage.

1. Oberon

Oberon P3R

Our second top pick for the strongest early-game persona for P3R is the Emperor Arcana, Oberon. He has decent stats for his level and gives innate resistance to both Dark and Light Damage. On top of that, he completely blocks Electric attacks as well.

Oberon can also dish out powerful single and multi-target Electric-based attacks which come in clutch in the Tartarus.

On top of that, Oberon also has access to Media, a full-party healing move that is always useful to have.


  • Great damaging spells with multi-target electric-based moves.
  • Resistant to both Dark and Light-based attacks.


  • Weak to Ice attacks.

1. Pale Rider

Pale Rider P3R

Our number one pick for the strongest earlier game persona is Pale Rider of the Death Arcana. His stats are more than just impressive for the level. Furthermore, Pale Rider has high Magic and strength stats in particular and also has access moves that can make use of its potential.

Moreover, it also has good physical moves and passive buffs with its Auto Sukukaja. If that wasn’t enough, he also can reflect Dark Attacks and is neutral to all other attacks except Light-based attacks.


  • Great stats.
  • High Magic and Strength stats.
  • Good move pool.
  • Reflects Dark Damage and is neutral to most other attacks.


  • Social Link for the Death Arcana can only be leveled up through story progression.

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