Whom to Choose Between All Romance Options in Persona 3 Reload (P3R)?

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By Asil Ahsan
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Confused about whom to choose to be part of your love life in Persona 3 Reload? Then follow this guide!

Ah, Persona 3. The classic that brought social links to the heart of the Persona experience allowed us to forge bonds that transcended combat and strategy.

With the release of Persona 3 Reload, we can once again have these connections come alive like never before. This time, it is more realistic than ever, thanks to stunning animated cutscenes that breathe life into every interaction.

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But with a roster of captivating heroines vying for your heart, choosing your confidant can be a daunting task. Worry not, as in this guide, I will delve into all romance options in Persona 3 Reload so you can choose whom to romance!

All Romanceable Characters in P3R

There are a total of 7 romance options in the game for you to choose from. Here is a small description of the available romanceable characters in Persona 3 Reload:

Mitsuru Kirijo

mitsuru kirijo

As the formidable student council president and SEES leader, Mitsuru shoulders immense responsibility. Balancing her duties with a potential romance adds another layer of complexity.

While her academic prowess may seem intimidating, remember, even the strongest leaders crave understanding. That is why you will need maxed academics to unlock her social link.

The Kindness alternative skill can earn her respect. In my opinion, she is a great choice. Just don’t be intimidated by her strength; a true leader appreciates genuine support.

Yukari Takeba

Yukari Takeba

My personal favorite romance option in the game is none other than Gekkoukan’s star archer, Yukari. She is more than just a skilled athlete, but a character shrouded in mystery. Just look into her deceased father’s letter, which casts a shadow over her heart.

When you finally embark on a romance, you will become her confidante. And help her confront her past and heal. Which is ideal for a little Shojo romance-drama.

However, her popularity demands maxed Charm, so brush up your charisma through books or part-time jobs to win her attention.

Be her emotional anchor; who knows, you might unlock the powerful Lovers Arcana with her by your side.

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The connection between you and Aigis transcends romance. Both of you are marked by a shared destiny (I won’t spoil it!) Therefore, your story makes it a journey of mutual growth.

You will witness her robotic nature slowly give away and become genuine human emotions. This is both heartwarming and thought-provoking. Her playful banter and heartfelt lines showcase her evolution, making her romance an experience unlike any other.

Fuuka Yamagishi

Fuuka Yamagishi

Though Fuuka’s voice guides you through Tartarus, getting to know her outside the darkness takes time.

Initially locked after the Emperor/Empress fight, her social link reveals a heart brimming with kindness. Witness her blossom from a timid girl into someone who cares for others, even befriending the girl who trapped her and nurturing stray animals.

Raising your Courage through facing fears in Tartarus or reading relevant books will open the door to her story.

Yuko Nishiwaki

Yuko Nishiwaki

Joining the track team is the key to unlocking Yuko’s heart. This endearingly awkward girl holds her emotions on her sleeve, from confessing she’s single to stumbling over her words when called your “girlfriend.”

Her journey is about overcoming past heartbreak and embracing new experiences. Be her patient confidant, witness her unique personality unfold, and you might just unlock the Strength Persona together.



If you want mystery and a touch of romance, then Elizabeth is the way to go. Velvet Room attendants have always been shrouded in mystery, but Elizabeth breaks the mold.

In Persona 3 Reload, your romance with Elizabeth blossoms through completing Velvet Room requests. It is also intricately tied to your Persona Compendium completion.

See the world through her innocent eyes as she dances outside Club Escapade or risks life and limb for takoyaki creates unforgettable moments. Her childlike wonder is a breath of fresh air amidst the shadows, making her a truly unique romance option.

Chihiro Fushimi

Chihiro Fushimi

Unassuming Chihiro, Gekkoukan’s treasurer, may initially seem like a cold-hearted bookkeeper. But beneath her quiet exterior lies a heart yearning for connection.

Unraveling her “tormented home life” (without venturing into spoiler territory) becomes a journey of shared vulnerability. You will help her blossom into a confident young woman. Also, did I mention maxing her link grants you the formidable Emperor Persona?

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