Persona 3 Reload All Endings Explained & How to Get Them

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By Asil Ahsan
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Unravel the mysteries of fate and forge your destiny in Persona 3 Reload! This guide explains all the endings and how you can obtain them.

Persona 3 Reload is filled with an exciting plot and storyline that will ultimately guide you toward an ending that resonates with your choices. So, if you are starting your playthrough, then you might want to know about the choices that may lead you to a good or bad ending.

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Keep in mind that there are two endings in Persona 3 Reload: the Good (True) Ending & the Bad Ending. These endings are the result of your choices made primarily on New Year’s Eve (12/31).

Remember, the path you choose determines not only the final scenes but also unlocks exclusive features and content.

New Year’s Eve (12/31) – The Crossroads

New Year is the time when you will decide which ending you are about to get in your Persona 3 Reload journey. This fateful night presents a critical decision: accept Ryoji’s offer or stand against him. This single choice marks the point of no return, shaping the ending you reach.

Embrace Hope and Get the True Ending

Choice: Let Ryoji live (twice!) on 12/31.


  1. Adamah Block: Explore Tartarus’ final area, teeming with new Shadows and secrets.
  2. Judgment Arcana: Unlock potent Personas like Michael, Satan, and the ultimate Messiah.
  3. January Month: Delve deeper into Social Links, level up, and prepare for the final showdown.
  4. “From Shadows into Light” Achievement: Earn this silver trophy for witnessing the true ending.

How to Get P3R True Ending

  • Progress through the story.
  • On 12/31, confront Ryoji in your dorm.
  • Choose “Let Ryoji live.” both times.
  • Face his true form and reiterate your choice.
  • Traverse January, forge bonds, and power up.
  • Conquer the final boss and witness the Good Ending.

This route grants access to the game’s true finale, enriching your journey with more story, Personas, and a unique achievement. The additional month allows you to perfect your skills and Social Links before the ultimate challenge.

Deal with the Despair & Get the Bad Ending

Choice: Agree to kill Ryoji on 12/31.

Rewards: None. The game immediately ends, offering no additional content.

The ideal ending hinges on your preference. For a first playthrough, the True Ending is highly recommended. It unfolds the main narrative, grants access to the most content, and rewards you with a satisfying conclusion.

Can You Have Both?

Potentially. Utilizing cloud saves might allow you to witness both endings in one run. However, opting for the True Ending first and exploring the Bad Ending in a New Game Plus is generally advised.

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