When Does Aurelion Sol Rework Release in League of Legends?

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The brand new Aurelion Sol is on the horizon, and here is when you will see it on the Rift.

Aurelion Sol is one of those aesthetically unique champions in League of Legends as a one-of-a-kind Celestial Dragon. He is part of the creation of the world of Runeterra itself, despite his being forced to nurture it. In terms of lore, he aims to destroy Runeterra because the world is the reason why he was held captive.

In gameplay terms, the current version leaves much to be desired. While revolutionary at one point, the gameplay aspect of it all was mostly utility. His ability to stun and deal damage at a certain range made him quite difficult to pilot. Hence, Riot went back to the drawing board to reinvent the champion to make it more accessible for new and old players alike.

This brings us to the upcoming Aurelion Sol CGU, as almost everything about the champion is being changed ability-wise. While his travel ability remains, the rest are all new and revolve around a Stardust accumulation mechanic. The more Stardust Aurelion Sol earns, the stronger the abilities get. It perfectly fits the moniker of Celestial Dragon, and the abilities look really nice aesthetically. We covered the entirety of the Abilities in this article.

Thus, this brings a lot of anticipation to the upcoming update for Aurelion Sol. In light of that, you can get your hands on the champion here.

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Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

As Aurelion Sol is expected to release in Patch 13.3, we can access the champion in its glory on February 8th, 2023. All the skins are also being changed to fit the new aesthetic. It is a time of celebration as Riot has delivered on one of the reworks that everyone has been anticipating.

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