Ashe, Thresh, Lee Sin, and Nasus Receive Buffs on Patch 12.18

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot announces significant buffs for Ashe, Thresh, and Nasus in the upcoming patch 12.18.

As the summer split for League of Legends esports has ended, we can look forward to the League of Legends World Championship 2022.

The play-ins will happen within a couple of weeks. Considering that patch 12.18 will be the last patch before Worlds 2022, Riot will be doing massive balance changes that will impact the professional meta.

Since patch 12.16 was the first set of changes made for the Worlds 2022. And patch 12.16, alongside patch 12.17, significantly shook up the meta. Therefore, patch 12.18 will not be as extensive as those patches because players will still need to train and adjust to the meta.

Riot Phroxzon has shared the patch 12.18 preview on Twitter. And in this upcoming patch, Riot will significantly buff the reliable pro picks, such as Ashe, Thresh, Lee Sin, and Nasus.

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Ashe Buffs Patch 12.18

  • Q: AS increased from 20-40% >>> 25-55%

The first champion to receive a buff will be Ashe, specifically, her role as an ADC. As recently, she has been getting more picks as a support than an ADC. In the summer split, her win rate as support is 52.4%; meanwhile, as an ADC, she has only a 45.3% win rate.

Even in ranked, her support pick rate out shadows her ADC pick rate. Her pick rate as support is 7.6%; meanwhile, as an ADC, her pick rate is only 4.6%.

So that’s why Riot will be buffing Ashe’s ADC role, as it’s very underwhelming.

Thresh Buffs Patch 12.18

  • HP Growth: 115 >>> 120
  • E: Damage increased 65-185 >>> 75-215

Ever since Thresh was released, he has been a staple support champion at the pro scene of League of Legends. Because Thresh’s abilities, it made the pro scene much more flashy and more fun to watch.

But in the recent summer split, he was not getting picked like the other support champions. And his pick rate in the pro scene has been a low 2.3%.

Even in ranked matches, he is considered one of the worst support champions in the current meta. As his winrate is 49.12% in plat+ elo.

Lee Sin Buffs Patch 12.18

  • HP Growth: 99 >>> 105
  • W: Vamp increased 5-23% >>> 5-27%

Like Thresh, Lee Sin is also a staple jungle champion in the League of Legends pro scene. Ever since the blind monk was released in the game, people have been making flashy, game-winning plays that couldn’t be done with other champions.

Because of his presence in the pro scene, even on casual or ranked, a player must know how to properly play Lee Sin to be regarded as a skilled jungler.

But since the beginning of season 12, his pick rate has decreased ever so slightly from having a 31% presence to 10%. As we cannot have a Worlds without a flashy play by a Lee Sin player, Riot will be buffing him in patch 12.18.

Nasus Buffs Patch 12.18

  • W: AS slow increased 50% of movespeed slow >>> 75% of movespeed slow
  • R: Cooldown reduced 120s flat >>> 110-90s

Nasus has been struggling at both pro and ranked scenes. In the pro scene, his pick rate is a low 0.7% pick rate, and his win rate is 47.1%.

Meanwhile, his win rate is 48.56% in ranked while also having one of the worst pick rates as a top laner at 2.3%. These are definitely the main reasons he will be getting significant buffs in patch 12.18.

Release Date

According to Riot, Patch 12.18 will hit the live servers on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.