Are Heavy Builds in The Finals too Underpowered?

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Embark Studios

The Heavy build in The Finals isn’t being used as often. Is there something wrong with the build?

The class-based arena shooter, The Finals, is slowly starting to mature and retain a dedicated player base. Embark Studios has done a fantastic job of merging a competitive atmosphere with casual gameplay and gimmicks. The Finals is very accessible for all kinds of players, from the casual to the most dedicated.

However, the simplest games often have the most confusing questions deeper in the game. One such is the low pick rate of the Heavy build. In a game with only 3 class choices, you would assume that they are more or less spread out evenly. However, Heavy in The Finals seems to be particularly left behind. Why is that?

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Heavy’s Role in The Finals

The Heavy build is meant to be a force to be reckoned with. He is a slow character with regular mobility options. However, he packs a hard punch with his weapons. You can switch between an LMG, a flamethrower, or even a sledgehammer. There are also some physical attributes, as you can’t crawl through the small areas of the map. However, you can vault onto elevated structures easily.

Heavy Build

Why is Heavy being Avoided in The Finals?

So, he has a defined role in the game: being a tank and destroying the map. So, why does the community seem to avoid this build? The community has also noticed this trend, according to Reddit user u/15secnut

Only 13% of y’all play heavy??
byu/15SecNut inthefinals

Many opinions are surfing the thread, ranging from the game being more favored towards mobility to Heavy just being a bigger target. While most of them are genuine, the Steam achievements do show disparity with the number of players opting to play the Heavy Build.

Build% of Players who played at least 10 Rounds
Achievement Statistics from Steam

As you can see, the number of players who even tried Heavy for 10 rounds is significantly lower than the others. This is a combination of the perceived idea that mobility is better than HP. Being able to choose your battles is much safer than being forced into one. The gameplay loop of the Heavy manipulates the environment to suit your needs while the Light build traverses that environment with ease.

As the game matures, the Heavy build is sure to get noticed by the veteran players. There’s just something about destroying buildings and running with a sledgehammer that players just can’t resist.

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