Aphelios had a record-breaking 223% ban rate in Korean challenger

Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful was released on patch 9.24 to become the 147th champion in the League of Legends universe. Unlike other champions, Aphelios has only three abilities with five weapons.

Before the release League of Legend’s community thought Aphelios will be a complex champion as his gameplay is designed by CertainlyT. But after a few days of release players figured out his kit and it turned out that, he is not hard to play rather hard to play against.

Like any other champion, he also had a huge ban rate in the ranked game but this time in the season 9 preseason, Aphelios had a record-breaking ban rate with 223% in the Korean challenger.

A champion can have a maximum of 200% ban rate with both blue and red teams banning Aphelios 100% of times. This added with remakes, which are added as a ban but do not count in a total number of games, have caused the ban rate to go beyond 200%.

And Aphelios did that for the first time ever with a win rate of just 47.62% in Korean Challenger.

Also, according to op.gg Aphelios has a ban rate of 55.42% with a win rate of 51.39%. After the release of Aphelios, the subreddit of League of Legends was full of how overpowered he is and how easy he is where he was supposed to be a hard champion.

Akali is another champion who has a 174.37% ban rate in Korean challenger despite Riot nerfed her 50 times.


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