Apex Legends compound bow weapon: all the skin variants and more

A new leak by a pretty prominent Apex Legends data miner suggests a tactical bow weapon called compound bow might be in development.

The leak has revealed all the legendary skin variants of this unannounced weapon. And based on the names, it seems really promising so far. Respawn hasn’t really experimented with any exotic weapons like bows or swords like other games in the same genre.

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But that may soon change as it seems like Respawn is actually working on a bow-type weapon. While we have seen plenty of clues and teasers in the past during the official dev blog that slightly hinted towards this weapon, the recent leaks from a playtesting session gave fuel to the rumors of Respawn experimenting with bows and arrows.

Bow legendary skin variants

Similar to all the other weapons in the game, it seems to have four different legendary skins. From the leaked screenshot, we can see that the four legendary weapon skins are “Target Practice”, “Fringe Field”, “Dark Age”, and “Holmegaard’s Relic”.

According to the leaks, all these skins are untextured so we still have no clue regarding the exact look and feel of these skins. Also, this screenshot might be taken from a playtesting session meaning the final version could receive massive changes.

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As with every other leak, take them with a grain of salt since things could still drastically change before the official launch. Respawn likes to playtest various experimental weapons and legends for an extensive period before making anything public. So, this weapon could still be ways off.

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