Apex Legends Silently Nerfed CAR SMG Without Mentioning it in Season 20 Patch Notes

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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If you were wondering why CAR SMG feels different in Season 20, you’re not going crazy.

Apex Legends Season 20 was released on February 13, 2024. The game went through many minor to major changes alongside many nerfs and buffs to the Legends and weapons. Most of the changes were, as they should be, mentioned in the patch notes.

The notes clearly mentioned that both the R99 and Prowler SMGs received nerfs. So, for the majority of the players, the obvious left-out secondary weapon option remained the CAR SMG. However, something didn’t seem quite right with the gun. According to the patch notes, the SMG didn’t receive any nerf. But still, it wasn’t exactly acting like before. But why?

Apex Legends Silently Nerfed CAR SMG

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CAR SMG Was Silently Nerfed

Just 2 weeks after Season 20 was released, HYPERMYST revealed that the CAR had silently been nerfed. Many thought that the update might’ve come later with a hotfix, but that was not the case. The SMG was nerfed as soon as the Breakout patch went live.

The nerfs are not negligible, either. According to HYPERMYST, the base recoil of the SMG increased by 10%, and the random recoil increased by 20%. So, it isn’t clearly a change that would fly past players who have been using the gun for many seasons.

As it stands, Respawn basically nerfed R99, Prowler and CAR, which are arguably the three most powerful SMGs of the game. However, the reason behind Respawn not mentioning it in the patch notes still remains unknown. Could it be a mistake? Only time can tell.

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