Apex Legends Season 12 New “Kinetic Feeder” Hop-Up: How it works, Weapon Compatibility Lists, and More

Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance introduces the new “Kinetic Feeder” Hop-Up.

Hop-ups are special attachments in Apex Legends that significantly impact the performance of a weapon. Each weapon in Apex Legends can equip only one hop-up except the Compound Bow. Respawns changes up the available hop-ups each season to keep the game fresh and give new functionality to old weapons.

Apex Legends Season 12 will introduce a new hop-up called the “Kinetic Feeder” that works on specific guns to make them stronger and feel different. Details about the Kinetic Feeder Hop-Up are below.

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Apex Legends Kinetic Feeder Hop-Up Details:

Supported Weapons:

The weapons that the new Dual Shell Hop-up can be attached to are-

  • Peacekeeper
  • Triple Take

How it Works:

The “Kinetic Feeder” hop-up reloads rounds and reduces the charging time while sliding. AlphaINTEL, an Apex Legends data miner, revealed the new hop-up in a Twitter post.

No official info about the “Kinetic Feeder” Hop-Up is available at the moment, however, we will update this article as soon as new information comes to light.

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