Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance: New Legend “Mad Maggie”, New LTM Control, Battle Pass, Map Changes, & More

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Respawn has revealed everything that is coming with the Season 12 Defiance season. Among them, Mad Maggie and the new game mode will sure to grab your attention.

As we are at the tail end of season 11 of Apex Legends, it is customary for Respawn to reveal their plans for the next season. Similar to previous seasons, the new season 12 has a unique name. It is apparently called “Defiance”.

Unsurprisingly, the new season 12 will feature a legend, “Mad Maggie,” a brand new “Defiance” battle pass for players to grind, a new map update, and lastly, another ranked season.

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Season 12 Defiance

Back in season 9, Respawn decided to move away from naming each new season with numerical values. Instead, they started to call each new season based on the overall theme of that particular season. Seasons 9, 10, and 11 were called “Legacy,” “Emergence” and “Escape” respectively.

This new season 12 will be called “Defiance” and released on February 8, 2022.

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New Legend Mad Maggie

As with any new seasonal update, a new legend called “Mad Maggie” will be joining the vibrant character roster of Apex Legends. She was first revealed during Apex Legends Season 8 in a cutscene. Until now, she worked behind the scenes but is now joining the Apex Legends tournament herself.

Apex Legends new agent Maggie
Credit: KralRindo Twitter

New LTM Control

For the first three weeks at the start of Season 12, players can jump into the 9v9 team LTM called Control. In this mode, players have to hold control points with unlimited respawns.

Defiance Battle Pass

We can’t really have a new season of Apex Legends without anything to grind. That’s where battle pass steps in. The new battle pass season will be called “Defiance”. Based on the official dev blog so far, it seems the new season’s color theme will be yellow.

Expect new legendary skins for both characters and weapons, skydive emotes, weapon charms, seasonal trackers, music packs, banners, and more to grind in this new Defiance battle pass.

Map Update

  • Expanded map; spreading squads out more so the map’s center area (Labs/Estates) isn’t the only go-to combat zone each game and reducing the frequency of spontaneous 3rd-parties.
  • Better rotational options to help players get around and out of dangerous chokepoints
  • New interactive map toy and play spaces to help attract players into the new areas, creating fresh new experiences for Olympus

Read the full map updates blog post for more details on map changes.

Defiance Patch Notes

Storm Point Updates

Wildlife Update

  • Prowler damage was reduced from 30 to 20 and reduced knockback force.
  • Increased Prowler Nest completion reward from 90 to 150 crafting materials (250 total for the large Prowler Nest in the center of the map).Note: Crafting rewards are divided evenly to all squadmates nearby at the time of clearing the nest. All players (regardless of squad) in the area get a share of the 250 crafting material reward when the large Prowler Nest is cleared.
  • Overhauled wildlife targeting rules to use damage as the primary factor which should help wildlife targeting feel more fair and less random.
  • Introduced a targeting cap for Prowlers, so only 3 Prowlers will be able to target a player at any time.
  • Prowler Den spawns are now disabled when there are two teams inside of the same Nest (except for the massive Prowler Nest at the center of the map). 
  • Prowlers are now neutral when outside the ring unless engaged in combat.
  • Prowler Dens are now disabled outside the ring if the Prowler Camp is passive.
  • Wandering Prowlers in the small Wildlife Nests have been reduced from 3 down to 2, and their wander radius is reduced by half until they are engaged in combat.
  • Made some tweaks that should help squads clear Prowler Nests quicker.
  • Gave a slight increase to high-tier consumable drops on all wildlife.

Drop Ship Pathing.

“While Storm Point has a relatively healthy spread of landing locations, we realized the typical drop ship logic often made the high northeast corner of the map particularly tough to land in. Rotating the distribution and moving the center point slightly northeast should make Highpoint and Lightning Rod more accessible while still allowing players to land in the lower southwest portion if they desire.”

Each image below shows 400 drop ship simulations before and after the change:

Finally, a few miscellaneous changes:

  • Improved wildlife combat versus vehicles. Targeting and damage now focus on an occupied vehicle as opposed to individual players in the vehicle
  • Improved wildlife interactions versus electrical abilities, making stunning wildlife with Wattson’s fences and Ash’s tactical more reliable

Ranked Update:

Change Summary: 

    Max Kill KP: 175 → 125
    Placement Points & Per Kill Bonus:

Placement points and per kill bonus
Placement points and per kill bonus Credit: EA


During this season, we’ll be releasing a new feature where players can determine which players they want to receive voice and text chat from called Communication Filter. Players can find the feature in the Options Menu under Gameplay and will have 3 options to choose from.

  • Everyone = You see and hear all Text/voice chat from all players.
  • Friends Only = You only see and hear friends’ text/voice chat.
  • Off = You do not see or hear any voice or text chat.

Players can also unmute anyone they choose, a friend of a friend or good random squadmates.



Drone View HUD and other  Quality of Life updates:

  • Added game state (e.g., Ring information, round timers), minimap, killed, team status, and ping information to the Drone’s HUD.
  • Repurposed the Drone HUD’s old Crypto health/shield presentation to display the health of the Drone itself.
  • Survey Beacon markers are now displayed in-world while piloting the Drone (same as when controlling Crypto himself).

Neurolink changes:

  • Increased the Neurolink detection FOV from 160 to 240 degrees.
  • Neurolink detection is now disabled while the Drone is being recalled.

Surveillance Drone changes:

  • The deployment of the Drone has received a rework:
    • Pressing the Tactical button causes Crypto to send the Drone flying in a straight line in the direction of Crypto’s view for a few seconds.
    • If thrown to a wall (or other geo), the Drone will hit the wall and re-orient itself so that it’s facing away from the wall.
    • Crypto no longer immediately accesses Drone View after deploying his Drone in this way.
    • Pressing and holding the [Tactical] button will launch the Drone forward in the same way, but then Crypto will immediately access Drone View.
  • Reduced Drone health from 60 to 50.
  • The HUD marker for the Drone has been tweaked to increase visibility.
  • The HUD marker for the Drone is now always displayed on-screen while the Drone is deployed (instead of only when the Drone is off-screen.


Nox Gas Traps are now destroyable after detonation

  • 150hp
  • Detonated traps will expire at 11s (instead of 12.5s)
  • Gas effects linger for two seconds after barrel destruction or expiration (gas particles still linger a bit longer as they dissipate)


Supply Drop Rotation

The Alternator SMG returns to the ground loot this season, and taking its place is the powerful mid-range energy Volt SMG.

Alternator SMG

  • Removed disruptor rounds hop-up

Volt SMG

  • Damage increased from 15 to 17
  • Max mag size increased from 28 to 30

Hop Ups

Kinetic Feeder – Triple Take & Peacekeeper

Sliding with the Triple Take or Peacekeeper significantly speeds up choke time and automatically reloads rounds.

Hammerpoint Rounds – P2020, Mozambique & RE-45

  • P2020
    • +50% unshielded damage
  • Mozambique
    • +35% unshielded damage
  • RE-45
    • +35% unshielded damage

Shatter Caps – 30-30 Repeater & Bocek Bow

  • Passively affects hip-fire for both weapons
    • ADS remains a precision shot
  • No longer able to toggle on/off
  • 30-30 pellet damage reduced from 8 to 7
  • Bow pellet damage was reduced from 12 to 11

Triple Take 

  • Removing projectile growth from bullets
  • Damage reduced from 23 to 21 per bullet

VK-47 Flatline 

  • Damage reduced from 19 to 18 per bullet

Rampage LMG (Hotfix)

  • Rampage damage was reduced from 28 to 26
  • Reduced number of shots during the Revved state from ~40 to ~34

Fully Kitted Rotation

  • Added: RE-45, Triple Take, Peacekeeper, Prowler, Havoc 
  • Removed: Mastiff, 30-30 Repeater, R-301, CAR, Longbow

Weapons in Crafting

  • VK-47 Flatline and Longbow DMR are now craftable for 30 mats at any crafting station.
  • Weapons in crafting can not be found on the ground.
  • Crafted weapons come with no attachments and two boxes of ammo


  • Medkit price lowered from 20 to 15
  • Kinetic Feeder added to crafting rotation


  • Fixed an issue where multiple Legends were missing voice lines when pinging a caged flyer.
  • Fix for Booster Loader where ammo counter would remain highlighted when switching from a low ammo Hemlok or Wingman to another weapon.
  • Replicator fixes for cases where an item could become stuck inside after crafting with a full inventory.
  • Fixed an error that would tell players to come back in a decade when matchmaking.
  • Fix for cases of lighting issues in some areas on Olympus.
  • Fix for cases where Mirage Ultimate Decoys could get stuck on surfaces raised slightly off the ground.
  • Arenas: Fix for cases where Crypto’s Drone charges could be used multiple times with a single Drone.
  • Arenas: Fix for cases where trying to charge a Rampage or Sentinel Rifle as the round starts results in the charge being canceled when the round starts.
  • Crypto’s Drone fix for cases where it wouldn’t show friendly nameplates.
  • Fix for cases where players were able to use melee on incline surfaces to get a speed boost while sliding.
  • Fix for cases where revving up a Rampage LMG while removing an extended mag causes the revved-up bar to appear forever.
  • Fix for cases where the timer for charging the Sentinel and Rampage was not showing the correct time left for animation.
  • Fixed cases when specific Legendary Horizon skins would block part of the screen when ADSing with a Prowler + 1x holo scope.
  • Fixed the issue where weapon challenges would not show progress in the after-match summary.
  • Fixed a bug where Charging up the Sentinel required 2 cells instead of 1 when wearing golden armor.
  • Reduced L-STAR impact vfx.
  • Fixed a bug for cases where players could get a jump boost from deathboxes that are in the vicinity of Horizon’s Gravity Lift after it’s been used.
  • Reticle Color Customization – Limiting values to 0-255 to avoid exploits.
  • Reticle Color Customization – improved inconsistency in UI color when ADSing with different sniper scopes.
  • Reticle Customization fix for cases where rapidly adjusting the lighting bar can result in a performance drop on other platforms and a crash on Switch.
  • Based on feedback, we’ve adjusted the in-world icon for Ash’s passive to be smaller and closer to the ground.
  • When Ash’s tactical hits an object it cannot stick to, it should now bounce off instead of destroying itself (tactical cooldown will not be refunded anymore)
  • Improved the targeting experience for Ash’s Ultimate by preferring locations that are farther away
  • Audio Fix for cases where R-99 gun fire SFX persists when the spectator changes to another player while R-99 is fired.
  • Storm Point: Fixed cases where players were unable to shoot through the chain-link fences at Antenna. 
  • Storm Point: Fix for cases where players could get stuck inside the map by using Valk’s Ultimate on Command Center.
  • Storm Point: Based on feedback, we’ve adjusted Final Round Rings so they don’t end in areas with no cover or populated by Prowler Dens.
  • Storm Point: Fix for cases where a player could be launched by a Gravity Cannon while below it.
  • World’s Edge: Changed Fragment from high-tier to mid-tier loot. This happened in the 11.1 update but was inadvertently omitted from those patch notes.
  • World’s Edge: Fixed an issue with Loba’s ultimate where it would not tell you items inside the panels at Trials were locked (though the alarm got triggered as normal).
  • Fix for cases where Gibby’s arm would be missing during Pathfinder’s “Iron Haymaker” finisher.
  • Fix for cases where the Entire map hears audio if a player cancels the beacon scan.
  • Fixed issue where Valk’s “Cloud Marauder” Legend skin had darker hands in 1P versus what’s shown in the Lobby and in other 1P skins.
  • Fix for cases where Players hit by Seer tactical just as they enter crafting could lose certain functionality.
  • Fixed issue where Caustic barrels that are still being deployed (mid-throw) were not being deleted after Caustic died.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes Wattson’s Interceptor Pylon would heal for less than intended.
  • Fix for cases where a crash could occur when players accept join club requests by clicking the approval button twice.
  • Fixed a bug where moving through Wraith’s portal could feel choppy when placed in the air via Gravity Cannons.
  • Fixed a bug where stocks didn’t drop from wildlife on Storm Point
  • Improved wildlife combat versus vehicles. 
  • Improved wildlife interactions versus electrical abilities, making stunning wildlife with Wattson’s fences and Ash’s tactical more reliable
  • Gave a slight increase to high-tier consumable drops on all wildlife.
  • Added the ability to see your teammate’s survival item while the inventory is open.
Season 12 UI change Apex

Fixing some weird rules in how assists and kills are determined and properly rewarded.

  • Quitting players can no longer deny kills & assists
  • Reviving no longer resets damage history

Private Match Update

  • Observer: Added a toggle to disable kill feed while in free cam.
  • Observer: Fixed ring visibility on minimap.
  • Observer: Fixed kill calculations for the Status & Stats screen.
  • Fixed Stats Summary generation for team slots with default names.
  • Disabled Club features in Private Match.
  • Added unique player ID’s to Post-Game API (same ID’s seen in the Real-Time API).
  • Real-Time API changes:
    • Added “weaponSwitched” event. Shows the current item equipped by the player.
    • Added player names for events squadEliminated and matchStateEnd.
    • Added teammate names for observerSwitched event.
    • Fix for items appearing as “Unrecognized”.
    • Fix for characterSelected event not populating with all players.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.