Apex Legends Players Mock the Match Quality Survey for Only Appearing After Experiencing the Worst Matches

Players criticize and make fun of the Apex Legends Match Quality Survey that only appears after dying in the worst possible ways.

Match Quality Survey is a tool for Respawn to gather data about players’ match experience in Apex Legends. This small survey only pops up randomly on a player’s screen after they die and sent back to the lobby.

The survey prompt gives players two options, ‘yes’ or ‘no’, followed by a question, ‘did you enjoy the match you just played?’ Players can also dismiss the survey by pressing ESC or the back button. Nonetheless, players mock this system for popping up after the worst matches possible.

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Match Quality Surveys Have the Worst Timings Ever

Respawn put the Match Quality Survey system into the game to improve players’ experience by gathering more data from them. However, some players think Respawn is just trying to troll them.

According to players, the Match Quality Surveys only pop up when players instantly die out of the dropship, get killed by third parties, because of bad servers or other stupid ways.

A Reddit user named CreeperOpsReddit also feels the same and shared their thoughts on the Apex Legends subreddit. After watching the Reddit post, the Apex community also joins in mocking the survey system.

Here’s some of the featured comments by the players:

Apparently, it looks like the majority of the players answer ‘no’ to this survey because the survey mostly appears after players awkwardly die. However, it also means that Respawn may be trying to figure out the reasons for unexpected deaths. Still, there’s no way to confirm this.

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