Apex Legends player spots Revenant’s unique animation in Third-Person

This is a unique animation reserved for Revenant

Revenant is the new character that was introduced in Apex Legends Season 4. Fans figured out a unique animation for this Legend in third-person mode.

Revenant launched with a pretty unique set of skills that includes Passive ability: Stalker, Tactical ability: Silence, Ultimate ability: Death Totem. Players found out about a secret animation that is unique only to Revenant in the third person mode while they were in the firing range.

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This animation shows Revenant balancing the tactical bob in his hands. This has already led to some fans making speculation that Respawn may be hinting at a possible heirloom for Revenant. People won’t easily notice this animation if they are playing the game normally. Only in training mode, your squad member can see it.

It’s not really a secret but it’s something very specific you have to do to do it, otherwise, you and teammates won’t notice it. You have to holster your weapons and then go into your inventory, then he will start doing this Animation, playing with his Silence Sphere. You can only see this in Third-Person. In first-person it appears you’re doing nothing.


This is completely unique to Revenant, no other characters have such a thing, they all do the same “Looking around” Animation. This shows how much effort Respawn pays into making each legend stand out from each other. It really gives each legend a bit more depth into their characters than your average looking hero shooter.

Tiny details like these make fans who are always searching for something new in the game something to look forward to. Even though Revenant came out a bit underwhelming, he has enough unique voice lines and personality that many players have already made him their Legend of choice.

Revenants current usage rate may get an increase if he receives any meaningful buffs in the future. Respawn has also talked about the fact that they will make more character changes in season four just like they did with Bloodhound.

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