Apex Legends May No Longer Release Legend-specific Heirlooms as Universal Heirlooms will Replace Them

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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A new leak from KralRindo suggests that Apex Legends will no longer release Heirlooms for the remaining Legends.

Currently, in Season 20, Apex Legends has released 19 unique and 3 recolored Heirlooms. However, as there are 25 Legends, 6 of them still don’t have any of these mythic-rarity melee items in the game.

As Respawn releases a new Heirloom for each Legend in every season, players are always excited to grab their favorite Legend’s Heirloom in the following season. However, that might not be happening from now on.

A recent leak from KralRindo, posted that Respawn will no longer release character-specific Heirlooms in Apex Legends. This means that the 6 remaining Legends: Mad Maggie, Newcastle, Vantage, Catalyst, Ballistic, and Conduit, won’t receive their Heirlooms for the foreseeable future.

In Season 19, Respawn released the Buster Sword in the Final Fantasy event. Despite its price tag, the melee was worth the hype. So, naturally, the revenue was also higher. For that reason, Apex Legends may have decided to scrap the Legend-specific Heirlooms for good.

The upcoming Heirloom, which we’ve already seen in the Breakout launch trailer, will be the next mythic-tier melee in the game. According to the data provided by leaker, it will be coming in the next season and will be priced similarly to the Buster Sword.

All of that being said, the new Heirloom will be very customizable. And, upgrading it completely will cost about $700 USD, while this is obviously optional.

KralRindo also noted that Respawn did not make this decision. Thus, it is highly probable that EA is involved in some way.

Given that KralRindo explicitly stated that the data was not datamined, the information disclosed most likely came from an insider. As Respawn recently started taking feedback from the community, if they see enough negative responses, they might revert back to the old system. So, take it with a grain of salt.

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