Apex Legends: Loba “Apex Lycanthrope” Mythic Skin Has Been Revealed

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Data miners have revealed the upcoming Loba Mythic skin that’ll come through a Collection Event in Season 19.

Respawn introduced the Mythic or Prestige skin in Apex Legends Season 12. Bloodhound was the first Legend to receive Prestige skin treatment in that season. Since then, Respawn has kept the trend ongoing, and the following seasons saw the release of multiple Prestige skins.

As of now, Respawn has released 6 unique Prestige skins in the game, including Bloodhound, Bangalore, Wraith, Caustic, Valkyrie and Revenant. Like Heirlooms, the Prestige skins’ sequence does not follow any particular order. So, the community is always guessing which Legend will receive the next Prestige skin.

However, thanks to HYPERMYST, we have a glimpse of the next Prestige skin that’ll come to Apex Legends in Season 19. And it looks like Loba will be the Legend to get the mythic skin treatment in the following Collection Event.

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Loba “Apex Lycanthrope” Mythic Skin First Look

HYPERMYST has shared detailed pictures of Loba’s upcoming Mythic skin. According to the leaked images, the skin is called “Apex Lycanthrope.” As always, there’ll be three different tiers for Apex Lycanthrope that can be upgraded by playing and completing different objectives.

Apex Lycanthrope Finisher

Apex Lycanthrope Skydive Trail

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More information regarding Loba’s Mythic skin and its release date will be revealed soon. So, keep checking the article to stay up-to-date with the latest information regarding Apex’s upcoming Mythic skin.

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