Apex Legends Leak Reveals Valkyrie and Crypto Heirloom

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Respawn

A recent Apex Legends insider leak has revealed Valkyrie and Crypto Heirlooms.

Apex Legends is a Free to Play Hero Shooter Battle Royale Game developed by Respawn Entertainment. The game is a spinoff on the Titanfall franchise. All the agents in Apex Legends have abilities that make them unique. Being free to play, Respawn has opted for the paid cosmetic model to earn money.

Apex Legends has an in-game item shop that sells skins for the legends. But there is one other way Respawn earns money from the playerbase: selling the heirlooms. Some characters in Apex Legends have unique Heirloom melees. These melee weapons replace the empty hand of characters when no guns are equipped. These can be obtained for free or by spending money but has a low drop rate. It can cost around $160 to get an heirloom for a single legend.

Because of their rarity, Heirlooms are extremely sought after in the Apex Legends community. Every few months, Respawn releases a new heirloom for a specific legend of their choice. Some leaks have revealed that the next two agents to receive their heirlooms are Crypto and Valkyrie.

And recently got some insider leaks that showed off the Valkyrie and Crypto Heirlooms.

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Valkyrie & Crypto Heirloom Leaked:

Previously we learned that Crypto’s Heirloom is a Katana and this new leak proves just that. From the video, we can see that Crypto is wielding a retractable katana with light green accents. When running with the Heirloom, Crypto holds it above his shoulder. We also saw several animations for the Katana Heirloom as well.

We finally also see Valkyrie’s Heirloom at around 2:00 minutes into the video. Unfortunately, the Heirloom model does not have any texture yet but is a spear. The spear has many retractable parts that can be changed on the fly.

Potential Release Date:

The Crypto Heirloom is supposed to release during Apex Legends Season 12. On the other hand, the Valkyrie Heirloom might release during Apex Legends Season 13.

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