Apex Legends game director confirms they are currently working on fixing the annoying silent weapon bug

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Respawn

Apex Legends always had a problem with silent footsteps and now in season 6 players are experiencing a lot of silent devotion and volt SMG melting them in an instant before they can even properly react.

Even when Respawn first introduced Apex Legends back in 2019, players were complaining about how they sometimes can’t hear any audio from footsteps or a grapple from Pathfinder. Audio issues have been common among Apex players. However, after the new season 6 update, some energy weapons like the devotion and the Volt SMG sometimes don’t give any audio cues.

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In the new meta guns like the devotion is currently dominating the arena. Additionally, the recent armor nerf means that players are getting knocked out a lot sooner than the previous seasons. On top of that these audio issues are now making players more frustrated with Apex Legends. Furthermore, pro players like TSM_Albralelie shared his frustration with the lack of audio cues in the game.

Respawn is fixing the audio issues:

Chad Grenier who is the game director of Apex Legends confirms that Respawn is aware of all the audio-related issues. However, there is no simple fix to this problem. And they are currently working on a possible fix.

Unfortunately there is no easy repro or simple fix so we have been building some telemetry tools to track down the bugs in the live game so we can make the improvements“, Chad Grenier on the audio issues.

Even one of the producers at Respawn responded to the audio bugs that are currently ruining the player’s experience. According to Josh Medina, Respawn is currently trying to fix all the audio-related issues. And they might release a hotfix really soon after they find a proper solution.

Season 6 has been pretty diving among the Apex legends fan base so far. While some players are happy with Respawn’s effort to seriously shift the meta into a new direction, not everyone is thrilled with the recent changes to the weapons and the TTK(time to kill) in this game. Right now Respawn devs are just asking the community to be patient while they are working on a possible fix.

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