Apex fan-made cosplay gives Revenant a gender swap

This Revenant cosplay looks sick

Revenant was introduced as the new playable character back in season 4 of Apex Legends.

Whenever you think of a good Revenant cosplay, a gender bender one doesn’t actually come to mind. But this apex fan emiliafrnndz decided to try on a Revenant cosplay with only makeup. As it turns out, Revenant’s female cosplay looks absolutely gorgeous.

Revenant gender-swapped!!

Revenant cosplay
Image via emiliafrnndz

She made this awesome cosplay for Revenant within four hours using only makeup. Apex Legends’ new season Fortune’s Favor is set to make its debut on May 12th. This amusing cosplay will have to make do until season 5 rolls out. Everyone is even more hyped up after Respawn released season 5 trailer that showcased some banter between Revenant and Loba.

Fans can’t wait to see Loba and Revenant interact

Apex aficionados are already obsessed with Loba. Since most of her abilities are still not officially confirmed, the new trailer kind of sparked a new debate among fans about what kind of role she will play in the game. The writers at Respawn also confirmed that there will be spicy lines if Revenant and Loba are on the same team.

Until then we all have to wait to see what the new battle pass will look like. Respawn still hasn’t revealed any details regarding the battle pass. Since the last battle pass was a bit weak compared to season 3, this new one should make up for it.


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