Who Is Alune In Teamfight Tactics Set 11 – Inkborn Fables

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In the new Teamfight Tactics Set, Inkborn Fables, Riot is introducing Alune as a character.

Over the course of Teamfight Tactics becoming its own game mode, they have pushed the boundary of what they can do in terms of mechanics and the like. Set 10 – Remix Rumble was a huge hit, and players loved the set and what they could pull off in games.

That said, the Teamfight Tactics team is always looking to reinvent and innovate to bring something new to their dedicated players. Thus, they introduced Set 11 – Inkborn Fables, which brings a ton of gameplay changes alongside some system changes.

Everything looks very promising so far. The Set also introduces new characters to Teamfight Tactics. This time around, Riot releases two new characters, Alune and Kobuko. In this article, let’s talk about Alune and where she originates from in the lore.

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Who Is Alune

To understand who Alune is and where she hails from, it would be remiss not to mention Aphelios, her twin brother. Many know about Aphelios from the League of Legends lore as the guy with many guns. Even in the game, people hear Alune’s voice as she helps guide Aphelios through his missions.

Alune currently resides inside a Lunari temple in the Spirit world, far from the reaches of the Solari, and has the ability to influence others with her magic. She and Aphelios share a strong bond as twins as she creates the weapons for Aphelios to use. In turn, Aphelios drinks poison made from Noctum flowers in order to connect with Alune better.

One controls the methods, while the other controls the means. Both are the hope of the Lunari as they carry forward their faith and convictions.

Her Role in TFT Set 11 – Inkborn Fables

Judging from all the information we have at this moment, Alune will be a 3-cost unit with the Umbral and Invoker traits. Her ability rains down meteors on the enemies as this fits her character in the lore.

When Will We See Alune in TFT?

Alune will be released alongside the TFT Set 11 – Inkborn Fables in Patch 14.6. The patch will be deployed on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

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