Almost 50% of PC gamers in Poland are playing League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular Esports game in the world right now. But in Poland, it is the most popular game. Over 50% of the PC players play League of Legends.

The Head of Publishing at Polish Riot Games Wiktor Cegła shared some really interesting stats about League of Legends in Poland at the Polish All-Stars event. In that session, he claimed that League of Legends is the most popular game in Poland at the moment. This game is really popular among PC players as almost 50% of the PC players are currently play league.

League of Legends

LEC Spring or Summer Finals in Poland?

With these stats in mind, it is really clear that players in Poland would really like to watch League of Legends live. After so many years of great competitive games at IEM Katowice, it shows that League of Legends players of Poland will gonna watch their favorite gamers play live at an event. At the moment it is still an assumption but the stats really show a positive indication that a final here would be really popular among gamers.

While there is a possibility that LEC Spring or Summer final might be held in Poland in the near future, there is no confirmation. Looks like Polish League of Legends fans will have to keep their fingers crossed.



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