All Weapons in Palworld

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Credit: Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pick your weapon according to your playstyle!

Palworld prompts you into a world full of Pokemon-like creatures, and you have to survive there with their help. You will mine, craft, and farm with the help of these creatures called Pals. But the game is far from just a crafting survival as you will also be gun-blazing enemies and bosses with or without pals. Also, you will need weapons in the early stage of the game to weaken Pals before you can catch them with Pal shells.

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Weapons in Palworld come in primitive and advanced types, ranging from bows to guns. There is a plethora of options available from very early in the game, and more will unlock as you level up. Rest easy, as we can help you with a list of Palworld weapons alongside their recipes and the levels they unlock. So, without any further ado, jump into our guide to find out about All Weapons in Palworld.

List of All Weapons in Palworld

All Weapons in Palworld
Credit: Pocket Pair, Inc.
WeaponUnlock LevelRecipe
Hand Held Torch12 Wood, 2 Stone
Stone Axe15 Wood, 5 Stone
Club15 Wood
Old Bow330 Wood, 5 Stone, 15 Fibre
Stone Spear418 Wood, 6 Stone
Fire Bow540 Wood, 8 Stone, 20 Fibre, 2 Flame Organ
Bat 730 Wood, 30 Stone
Poison Bow840 Wood, 8 Stone, 20 Fibre, 2 Venom 
Triple Shot Bow1050 Wood, 12 Stone, 30 Fibre
Metal Axe1115 Stone, 20 Wood, 5 Ingor
Metal Spear1327 Wood, 12 Stone, 10 Ingots
Crossbow1350 Wood, 40 Stone,10 Ingot, 5 Nail
Fire Crossbow1550 Wood, 50 Stone, 15 Ingot, 5 Nail, 5 Flame Organ
Poison Crossbow1750 Wood, 50 Stone, 15 Ingot, 5 Nail, 5 Venom
Musket2125 Iron Ingot, 5 Oil, 30 Wood
Handmade Handgun2535 Iron Ingot, 10 Oil, 30 Fiber
Handgun2950 Iron Ingot, 15 Oil
Frag Grenade3110 Fibre, 10 Stone, 1 Gunpowder
Refined Axe3430 Stone, 40 Wood, 10 Refined Ingot
Refined Spear3436 Wood, 18 Stone, 10 Refined Ingot
Bolt Action Rifle3620 Refined Ingot, 5 Polymer
Double Barrel Shotgun3930 Refined Ingot, 7 Polymer
Pump Action Shotgun4230 Refined Ingot, 20 Polymer, 40 Carbon Fiber
Assault Rifle4540 Refined Ingot, 10 Polymer, 30 Carbon Fiber
Rocket Launcher4975 Pal Metal Ingot, 30 Polymer, 50 Carbon Fiber
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