All the Agent’s Age in VALORANT

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VALORANT has a diverse set of rosters that include mysterious beings and robots. So, don’t be fooled by their faces. Their age may not be what you think they are.

VALORANT is Riot Games’ first foray into the FPS genre. The developers took the best aspects of Counter-Strike and Overwatch and incorporated them into Project A, which we now know as VALORANT.

Riot Games handled the difficult task of combining a hero-shooting aspect into a tactical shooter title very nicely. And because of them, we now have a fantastic first-person shooter game that millions of people play every month.

Not only did the gameplay exceed everyone’s expectations, but the game’s intriguing lore and each character’s backstory made the game even more enjoyable to play.

Yes, each VALORANT character has a distinct appearance as well as a unique backstory. Naturally, the ages of these characters differ from one another. And, some of them may even surprise you.

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How Many Agents are there in VALORANT?

all 23 valorant agents

As of this writing, VALORANT has released a total of 23 unique Agents. Among them, there are 7 Duelists, 6 Initiators, 5 Controllers, and 5 Sentinels available in the game.

All the Agent’s Age in VALORANT

As previously stated, the game features 23 unique Agents. As a result, their ages differ from one another. So, in this section, we’ll list the ages of all the Agents, as well as their origins and previous careers. Because Riot Games rarely mentions the Agents’ ages, we’ll have to rely on lore and other sources for accurate information.

AgentReal NameAgeAgent typeCountryPrevious occupation
JettJoon-Hee20-25RadiantSouth KoreaChef
SovaAlexander (Sasha) Novikov30-35HumanRussiaHunter
SageLing Ying Wei25-30RadiantChinaMonk
RazeTayane Alves20-25HumanBrazilEngineer
PhoenixGrant Galloway*25-30RadiantU.K.Performing Arts school student
ViperSabine Callas30-35HumanUSAChief Scientific Officer
YoruUnknown25-30RadiantJapanWas learning about his past and the order of the samurai
BreachErik Torsten30-35HumanSwedenCriminal
KilljoyKlara Böhringer20-25HumanGermanyInventor
SkyeKirra Foster25-30RadiantAustraliaFought against Kingdom Corporation
BrimstoneLiam Byrne45-50HumanUSAFirefighter and Soldier
ChamberVincent Fabron25-30HumanFranceWeapons designer
CypherAmir El Amari35-40HumanMoroccanInformation broker
NeonTala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez19RadiantPhilippinesK/SEC veteran
FadeUnknown25-30RadiantTurkeyBounty Hunter
HarborVarun Batra25-30HumanIndiaTask Force Agent.
DeadlockIselin25-30HumanNorwayElite hunter for security force Ståljeger

Who is the Youngest Agent in VALORANT?

Currently, Neon is the youngest Agent released in VALORANT. Based on the VALORANT universe lore, Neon is 19 years old. Besides her, the other young Agents are Jett, Raze, and Killjoy with the age range of 20-25 years old.

Who is the Oldest Agent in VALORANT?

If we’re considering the living beings, Brimstone is the oldest Agent in VALORANT. Based on the lore, he is likely 45-50 years old. KAY/O and Omen are the two other possible candidates of the oldest characters in the game. However, Omen and KAY/O are both somewhat mysterious with no definitive age range. So, we can’t possibly know their ages.

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