All Trophies & Achievements: Street Fighter 6

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All Trophies & Achievements: Street Fighter 6

You might want to know about all the trophies and achievements you can get your hands on in Street Fighter 6.

The long-awaited sixth installment of Street Fighter has finally touched grass. Created by Capcom, both veterans and newbies can now get the most exhilarating experience they can ever get. From stunning visuals that vividly depict the characters and environments to a new control system, is all you can expect from the next-gen upgrade. Moreover, you can now go on a solo journey by creating your very own unique character in the World Tour mode.

And to talk about the achievements in Street Fighter 6, these are not that hard to bag. However, some do require a level of dedication, skills, and determination. With this mechanic, the trophies are now accessible to all players while providing challenges for those who want to test their skills. Moreover, these trophies and achievements are well-integrated into the game. You will hardly feel like you are fighting for trophies.

To learn more about all the trophies and achievements, hop in without further ado!

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All Trophies & Achievements in Street Fighter 6

You can bag in a total of 44 trophies in Street Fighter 6. However, they are divided into Battle Hub, World Tour, and Fighting Grounds categories, where 32 trophies belong to Battle Hub, 6 to the World Tour, and 6 to the Fighting Ground. Below tables are sorted by trophy type.

Bronze Trophies

AchievementHow to Unlock
Gazing at the PeakParticipate in a Tournament
Pleased to Meet You!Chat in the Battle Hub
Coolheaded AnalysisReview replay footage
My Title, My LifeEarn a title
Joining the PackMake friends
Fashion LeaderChange your outfit
Ready to Dance?Use the DJ Booth in the Battle Hub
Up on the Big ScreenWatch content on the big monitor in the Battle Hub
Get Your Game Face On!Customize your avatar in the avatar creator
So This is the Battle Hub…Explore and enjoy the Battle Hub
First EncountersFight a match in the Battle Hub
Jungle-Sized SurpriseParticipate in an Extreme Battle
Becoming the AvatarParticipate in an Avatar Battle
Kickin’ it Old SchoolPlay classic games at the Battle Hub Game Center
Classic Leaderboard ChampTake on the Ranking Challenge at the Game Center
Entranced by BattleSpectate a Battle Hub Match
Combat AnalysisSpectate an Extreme Battle
Watching Gets Me PUMPED!Spectate an Avatar Battle
Welcome to the StableJoin a club in the Battle Hub
Let the Praise Become Your MuscleEarn a “Nice” fan
Leaving the NestComplete basic training in World Tour
Ha-dough-kenTake up a part-time job during World Tour
Actions Speak LouderUse a Master Action to defeat an obstacle while walking through the city in World Tour
Fighting FledglingPractice in Training Mode
Fighters’ CodexRead Character Guides in the Battle Hub
Taking InitiativeComplete Tutorials in the Battle Hub

Silver Trophies

AchievementHow to Unlock
Extreme Combat TrainingFight 20 Extreme Battles
Gotta be Popular! Uwo!Gather 200 “Nice” fans
Steely DeterminationEnter five Tournaments
There’s Always Time for Training!Play 30 matches in the Battle Hub
Practical TrainingFinish 45 combo trials
Talent of the ValiantFinish Arcade mode in Fighting Ground

Gold Trophies

AchievementHow to Unlock
King of the RingWin 30 Battle Hub matches
Over the Top VictoryWin 20 Extreme Battle matches
The Struggle Over SelfWin 20 Avatar Battles
Dominating like a NinjaWin 10 Tournaments
Veteran of BattleFight in the Battle Hub 100 times
Spirit of EncouragementGather 600 “Nice” fans
Neighbourhood PeacekeeperComplete 22 sub-missions
Mastery’s BondRaise the bonds with one of your masters to 100
The Grand Jeté of 100 BattlesFight 100 online Battles via Fighting Ground

Platinum Trophies

AchievementHow to Unlock
A Quest for Strength FulfilledAfter countless battles and considerable struggle, you’ve arrived. Is this the end of your quest for strength? The answer… lies within.

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