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While the offseason is in full swing, the All-Stars 2020 voting concluded a few days back and we now know who the representatives of each region will be.

The All-Stars event is usually a fun experience for fans and players alike. It is an event where there is competition, a 1v1 tournament and some different game modes played by players. Over the years, we have seen a lot of intense matches and a lot of fun matches and it should not be any different this year.

The All-Star Voting was done from the November 9th-16th across all regions and the representatives have been decided. If you want to know more about the All-Stars Event, you can check out the official announcement post for the event.

We now know which players are representing their region, so lets dive into it.


The LCK All-Stars 2020 voting, apart from the ADC role, was very one-sided. Two players from T1, two players from DAMWON Gaming, and 1 player from DRX make up the five top-voted players. They are as follows with their vote percentage:

  • Top: T1 Canna (46.9%)
  • Jungle: DWG Canyon (63.4%)
  • Mid: T1 Faker (58.3%)
  • ADC: DRX Deft (38.2%)
  • Support: DWG Beryl (57.3%)

DWG Ghost was about 10% votes behind Deft in the voting. While the other roles at least had a difference of 30% votes. None of the voted members are surprising given the history and caliber of the players.


LPL is a different situation in terms of voting. Their All-Stars 2020 voting is still ongoing in their region and is closed for any voting outside of China. Hence, the tally of what we are showing is preliminary and is subject to change. The tally is as follows:

  • Top: SN Bin (31.2%)
  • Jungle: TES Karsa (28.4%)
  • Mid: FPX DoinB (34.9%)
  • ADC: TES JackeyLove (43.4%)
  • Support: SN SwordArt (37.2%)

iG TheShy is just under 8% votes behind Bin but given the Worlds performance, we expect Bin to be the most voted top laner. Also, Karsa and SN SoFM are neck and neck with SoFM being only behind 2% of the votes. It could honestly be either one as they were really good at Worlds. DoinB, JackeyLove, and SwordArt are really ahead in their tallies against their peers. Hence, it is unlikely that those three players are unseated from the top votes.


LEC voting had a few omissions with all the G2 players opting out. Additionally, Rekkles and Nemesis also opted out. This gave room for some of the other players to attend the event. Here are the All-Stars 2020 voting results:

  • Top: FNC Bwipo (73.7%)
  • Jungle: FNC SelfMade (58.5%)
  • Mid: MAD Humanoid (34.2%)
  • ADC: RGE Hans Sama (43.9%)
  • Support: FNC Hylissang (57.1%)

RGE Larssen was not that far behind from Humanoid in the voting. On the other hand, Bwipo, Selfmade, Hylissang and Hans Sama dominated their voting percentages. Things could have been different if Rekkles and the G2 players were available. Rekkles would have clearly been the ADC representative and Caps would have been the Mid lane representative. Despite them opting out, its a good platform for the other players to show what the region has got.


LCS also has omissions with the TSM team opting out. Bjergsen was not on that list and it is unlikely he will be on the Legends roster for the region either. Having that said, here are the percentages (its all Team Liquid players):

  • Top: Impact (25.6%)
  • Jungle: Broxah (33%)
  • Mid: Jensen (43.4%)
  • ADC: Tactical (28.7%)
  • Support: CoreJJ (59%)

EG Bang and Tactical had the exact same voting percentage. So it possibly came down to a few votes that edged out Tactical. Given that we are going to be seeing the entire TL team in the All-Stars 2020 event is very interesting and it was not uncommon this year for other minor regions to vote all the players of one team to the All-Stars event.


Despite them being unable to make an appearance at Worlds 2020, they will be at the All-Stars Event 2020. The results of their voting are as follows:

  • Top: EVOS Zeros
  • Jungle: GAM Levi
  • Mid: Dia1
  • ADC: TS Slayder
  • Support: TF Palette

Dia1 was in GAM Esports and Slayder was in Team Flash (TF) when the voting started. Now they both have left their teams and Slayder has joined Team Secret (TS).


Unfortunately, the PCS results are unknown as of now and we will put up an update on that when it is available. We do have the results of the other regions.

Rest of the World:

The LJL results are as follows:

  • Top: DFM Evi (61.1%)
  • Jungle: SG Blank (59%)
  • Mid: DFM Ceros (43.4%)
  • ADC: DFM Yutapon (60.2%)
  • Support: DFM Gaeng (38.3%)

None of their Worlds representatives were voted into the All-Stars 2020 even though V3’s Bugi and Archer were not in the voting list. They probably opted out of the All-Stars event.

The LCL voting results are as follows:

  • Top: UoL Boss (65.3%)
  • Jungle: UoL Ahahacik (65.2%)
  • Mid: UoL Nomanz (65.3%)
  • ADC: UoL Gadget (69.5%)
  • Support: UoL Santas (58.1%)

Given how dominant UoL was in the LCL, this is not surprising. Gadget did leave UoL and his new team is undecided.

The TCL voting tally are as follows:

  • Top: SUP Armut (72.4%)
  • Jungle: 5R Robin (25.6%)
  • Mid: SK (Previously FB) Blue (42.7%)
  • ADC: SUP Zeitnot (37.2%)
  • Support: FB Japone (28.6%)

Armut, Japone,and Robin are now free agents while Blue moved to the LEC for SK Gaming. Also, Armut is rumored to join in the LEC with MAD Lions.

The CBLOL votes resulted as follows:

  • Top: PNG Robo (26.9%)
  • Jungle: PNG Cariok (36%)
  • Mid: PNG Tinowns (64.3%)
  • ADC: PNG BRTT (61.8%)
  • Support: PNG ESA (45.7%)

None of their Worlds representatives made it to the top of the voting list as well. Also, another instance where an entire team was voted into the All-Stars 2020 event.

The LLA’s votes are as follows:

  • Top: R7 Acce (49.3%)
  • Jungle: FLY (previously R7) Josedeodo (60.6%)
  • Mid: R7 Aloned (36.4%)
  • ADC: INF WhiteLotus (32.7%)
  • Support: R7 Shadow (48.5%)

Other than R7 Leza, all of last year’s R7 players made it to the All-Stars 2020 event. Josedeodo is also moving to the LCS to Flyquest.

Finally, the OPL’s final votes are:

  • Top: DW Chippys (21.7%)
  • Jungle: LGC Babip (32.5%)
  • Mid: DW Claire (32.5%)
  • ADC: LGC Raes (33.3%)
  • Support: DW Cupcake (17.6%)

Given the dissolution of the OPL, we do not know how their participation will be going forward from 2021. Raes is rumored to join Immortals in the LCS and the future of many of the players are unknown. The future of the OPL is something to keep an eye out for.


All-Stars event voting is almost done except the LPL. We will inform about that result and the PCS representatives when we get more information. All-Star Event starts on December 18th.

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