All Song Locations In Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story

Abu Taher Tamim
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Experience a mystical journey with Nunu and Willump in Song of Nunu, where you need to find 5 songs. In this guide, I’ve included 5 song locations in Song of Nunu.

As you guide Nunu and Willump across the enchanted world of the Freljord in Song of Nunu, keep an eye out for magical windchimes along your journey. You’ll discover legends and secrets hidden within the snowy wilderness in this single-player experience by Tequila Works.

There are cute poros and gorgeous murals in Song of Nunu, but Nunu can also learn mystical songs with his flute. Playing Nunu’s flute to match the runes will unlock special songs that let you harness new powers. Follow this guide to locate all five mystical songs hidden throughout the frosty landscape.

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Song Locations In Song of Nunu

1. First Anivia Puzzle Song

First Anivia Puzzle Song

After finishing the first Anivia puzzle, wander through the red trees until you spot a windchime. Replicate the runes with your flute to learn the melody.

2. Song After the Second Snowfight

Song After the Second Snowfight

Right after your next snowball battle with Willump, smash the ice blocking a path on the left. A tree at the end holds another windchime and song.

3. Song After Battling Volibear

Song After Battling Volibear

Once Volibear is defeated, stand facing his giant statue and head left. At the bottom, climb to reach a cave where Nunu can squeeze through and find the third song.

4. Slide Area Song

Slide Area Song

In the section with magical slides, take the left path to a lowered slide. Follow it to a room with a windchime and add another song to your collection.

5. Song on the Wooden Platforms

Song on the Wooden Platforms

During the final chapter, locate a blocked room while crossing the platforms. Maneuver inside and shatter the ice to claim the last mystical tune.

You can also unlock these songs with our guide. Let their magic melodies carry you and Willump through the rest of your unforgettable journey across the Freljord.

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