All Poro Locations In Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Are you looking for all the poro locations in Song of Nunu in one place? Look no further, because I’ll guide you to all of them in this guide.

In Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story, you can go on an adventure in the magical world of the Freljord. In this adventure, Nunu and Willump form an unbreakable bond, meet legendary champions, and face perilous challenges. Together, these two best friends can save Freljord and uncover their mysterious pasts.

As you start your journey with Nunu and Willump through the Freljord in Song of Nunu, you’ll come across many hidden treasures and secrets. One of the most delightful are the sad, hungry poros you can find and feed. These fluffy white creatures are tucked away all over the frosty landscape, just waiting for you to give them a snack.

There are nine poros that you need to find. So, in this guide, you will learn about all poro locations in Song of Nunu.

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All available poros in Song of Nunu

All Poro Locations In Song of Nunu

1. First Shipwreck Poro (Boat, Shore)

First Shipwreck Poro

In the frigid Shores area, I came across my first Poro inside a lonely shipwreck, huddled in the corner. After your initial snowfight with Willump, you’ll see two ships ahead of you. The poro is inside the shipwreck on the left.

2. Second Shipwreck Poro (Graveyard, Shore)

Second Shipwreck Poro

Another poro is hiding in the second shipwreck, where you solve the Rotating Mast puzzle. After reaching the top of the ship, jump down the back to find a hidden entrance. The poro is waiting inside.

3. Cave Poro After Ornn’s Forge (Cave, Plains)

Cave Poro After Ornn's Forge

Once you finish the puzzle in Ornn’s Forge, head to the area with the tree across the river. Use a snowball to freeze the water and cross to the cave. Send Nunu inside alone to find the poro on a central island.

4. Waterfall Poro (Ice Garden, Plains)

Waterfall Poro

On the path to Kellurel, stop at the waterfall between two stones. Climb up the left side and play the flute to reveal the poro at the top.

5. Frozen Fortress Poro (Lake Plains)

Frozen Fortress Poro

When searching for the Jurlberry, go left around the lake and follow the river to a hidden cave. Send Nunu inside to find another poro.

6. Drawbridge Poro (Stronghold Plains)

Drawbridge Poro

After the drawbridge, turn around and enter the cave behind you. The poro is at the bottom of the stairs.

7. Second Anivia Statue Poro (Anivia, Ramshara)

Second Anivia Statue Poro

Complete the Anivia puzzle again, then head right to the statues. Break the ice wall behind them and climb up while playing the drums. A poro waits at the top.

8. Sliding Area Poro (House, Ramshara)

Sliding Area Poro

Grab the ice shard after the first slide. Use the flute to move it to the left tube. Ride it to the small house, where Nunu will find a poro inside.

9. Ice Citadel Poro (Room Citadel)

Ice Citadel Poro

As the journey neared the end within the Ice Citadel, only one Poro remained. In the Ice Citadel, destroy the breakable ice wall to the left after passing between two pillars. The final sad Poro greeted me, completing my collection.

With curiosity and determination, you too can seek out these secret creatures. Let the joy of feeding them guide you on your adventure through the Freljord. The satisfaction of finding each one is the real hidden treasure of Song of Nunu.

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