List of All Side Quests: Diablo 4

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List of All Side Quests: Diablo 4

You might want to get a full overview of all the side quests that are currently available in Diablo 4.

The main campaign of Diablo 4 almost takes around 12-14 hours to complete. That is just for the main quests, I tell you again. Now, in addition to the main campaign, players can also complete optional side quests. You can come across these all over Sanctuary’s world. On top of that, these quests entail assisting non-player characters (NPCs) with various jobs. And there is a vast array of side quests, from straightforward fetch quests to tough dungeon crawls.

These side quests in Diablo 4 offer players lots of loot and experience points that will help them level up and aid in building their character. Moreover, you can also learn some background information on Sanctuary’s world. Although they are not necessary to complete the main campaign, you can already guess their importance.

So without further ado, let’s hop into this real quick!

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List of All Side Quests in Diablo 4

Fractured Peaks

QuestLocationHow to UnlockPrerequisite
A Cold FaithSoutheast FoothillsFind Pilgrim’s Journal
Better DaysWithin Dobrev TaigaFind Faded Old Painting
Blood SermonKor Valar / Seat of the HeavensInteract with Sister Vera
Bound by BloodMargraveInteract with Lacthan
Call of the AncientsBear Tribe RefugeInteract with Chieftain GlousComplete
Hammer of the Champion,
Shattered Tribute,
The Beast’s Challenge
Chain of PossessionKyovashadInteract with ParinComplete The Woodsman of Nevesk
Cries of InnocenceOlyam TundraInteract with Vendral Trost
Depths of DespairKyovashadInteract with Sister OctaviaComplete Malady of the Soul
Exorcist’s CacheWithin Frigid ExpanseFind Sealed Exorcist’s Cache
Faith in BloodKyovashadInteract with PetrComplete Depths of Despair
Gory DisplayWithin Frigid ExpanseFind Warrior’s Chain
Hammer of the ChampionBear Tribe RefugeInteract with GreganochComplete Malnok Stronghold
Hungering Bone CacheWithin Pallid GladeFind Hungering Bone Cache
Icebound GeodeGale ValleyInteract with Icebound Geode
Legacy UnmadeKyovashadInteract with ParinComplete Chain of Possession
Legacies of Light’s WatchMargraveInteract with Zalan Coste
Malady of the SoulKyovashadInteract with Sister Octavia
Menestad CoffersKyovashadInteract with Kudomyla
Raising SpiritsKyovashadInteract with Guard Boza
Ravenous DeadYelesnaInteract with Olesia
Righteous IdolDobrev TaigaFind Carved Wooden Knight
Secret of the SpringKylsik PlateauFind Discarded Note
Sight to MadnessKyovashadInteract with VilekComplete Nostrava Stronghold
The Beast’s ChallengeBear Tribe RefugeInteract with Greganoch
The Cleansing FlameMargraveInteract with Priest Matvey
The Dread MartyrOlyam TundraInteract with Sir Cromwell
The Sealed DoorKyovashadInteract with Strange Beggar
Traveler’s PrayerYelesnaFind Pilgrim’s Letter
Unwritten EndWithin Dobrev TaigaFind Merchant’s Ledger
Unyielding FleshYelesnaInteract with Krystyna
Woodsman of NeveskNeveskInteract with Magdalena


Quest NameLocationHow to UnlockPrerequisite
A Briny FateNorthshoreInteract with Fergus
A Deepening ShadowDeep ForestInteract with Shob’ha
A Different BeastHighland WildsInteract with Broken TotemComplete The Wrong Hands
A Plea for AidFirebreak ManorInteract with Steward WilfredComplete Dark Omens Campaign
A Sodden PactNorthshoreInteract with RoinaComplete Whispers from Below
A Sliver of LightDeep ForestInteract with MochrannComplete The Old Ways
An Acquired TasteThe Shrouded MoorsInteract with Atli
Blood of BrigandsThe Emerald ChaseInteract with Bryce
Braega’s ChroniclesWithin Westering LowlandsFind Item: A History of Scosglen
Chasing EmbersHighland WildsInteract with TorbenComplete Pyre of Ash
Chronicling the Old WaysWestering LowlandsInteract with Moreg
Claws at the ThroatHighland WildsInteract with Slain MerchantComplete Remembering the Goose
Daughter of the OakThe Emerald ChaseInteract with Albard
Ever FaithfulThe DownsInteract with Brenna
Feral MoonThe HarrowfieldsInteract with EdanComplete What Ails Thee
Fields of RuinThe DownsInteract with Phelan
First Among WolvesThe DownsInteract with ArtairComplete Fields of Ruin
Forgive MeKor Dragan BarracksFind Bloodied Note
Gory DisplayWithin Frigid ExpanseFind Warrior’s Chain
Hungering Bone CacheWithin Pallid GladeFind Hungering Bone Cache
Left in AshesTur DulraInteract with Scholar YueinComplete The Diviner
Message in a BottleWithin StrandFind Washed-Ashore Bottle
Of Pests and PestilenceThe Shrouded MoorsInteract with Meav
Pyre of AshHighland WildsInteract with TorbenComplete Claws at the Throat
Ravenous Predator’s OfferingWithin Wailing HillsFind Ravenous Predator’s Offering
ReclamationStrandInteract with Chieftain EiruigComplete Smoke Signals
Remembering the GooseHighland WildsInteract with Torben
Settling the TabThe Shrouded MoorsInteract with Niall
Smoke SignalsStrandInteract with Baewyn the SeerComplete The Seer
Stemming the TideNorthshoreInteract with Aigidh
Stolen ArtificeBraestaigInteract with Merryn
The Bear of BlackwealdHighland WildsInteract with TorbenComplete Chasing Embers
The Broken BearHighland WildsInteract with Broken Bear TotemComplete A Different Beast
The DivinerTur DulraInteract with Scholar YueinComplete Tur Dulra Stronghold
The Fledgling MerchantThe Emerald ChaseInteract with Kian
The SeerStrandInteract with Baewyn the Seer
The SnareThe DownsInteract with ArtairComplete First Among Wolves
The Starving StrandBraestaigInteract with Baltair
The Traveling ScholarDeep ForestInteract with AriaComplete Tur Dulra Stronghold
Threads of EnvyNorthshoreInteract with RoinaComplete Untangling Truths
Tending NatureTur DulraInteract with MoireachComplete Tur Dulra Stronghold
Untangling TruthsNorthshoreInteract with RoinaComplete A Sodden Pact
Votive PassingBraestaigInteract with Chieftain Asgail
Wagered HonorHighland WildsInteract with Ewan
Warded Sailor’s VesselNorthshoreInteract with Warded Sailor’s Vessel
What Ails TheeThe Emerald ChaseInteract with Cori
Whispers from BelowNorthshoreInteract with Roina

Dry Steppes

Quest NameLocationHow to UnlockPrerequisite
Augury of BonesUntamed ScarpsInteract with Nomin
Blistered HeartUntamed ScarpsInteract with Sorga
Blood and SweatQara YisuFind Bloodstained letterComplete Ruins of Qara-Yisu Stronghold
Consumed by PrideUntamed ScarpsInteract with Ealda
Corroding MettleKotama GrasslandsInteract with Siban
Crucible of WorthKotama GrasslandsInteract with Gerti
Culling of FleshUntamed ScarpsInteract with Kaida
Curious CuriosChambatar RidgeInteract with Sameera
Currencies From AfarWithin Untamed ScarpsFind Bag of Old Coins
Curious CuriosChambatar RidgeInteract with Sameera
Dust DaisyWithin Kotama GrasslandsFind Dust Daisy
Exhuming FaithDindai FlatsFind Blood-Splattered Scroll
Firsthand KnowledgeDindai FlatsInteract with Nurbolat
Fury Against FateUntamed ScarpsInteract with EaldaComplete Raising Spears
Hunger for a New LifeKotama GrasslandsInteract with Zolaya
Hubris Smiles BackUntamed ScarpsInteract with OgaiComplete Augury of Bones
Hunting the Relic HunterChambatar RidgeInteract with RakhaanComplete Curious Curios
In the Name of LoveChambatar RidgeInteract with Rakhaan
Keeping the Old TraditionsUntamed ScarpsFind Lonely Offering
Kith and KinThe Onyx WatchtowerInteract with ChabiComplete The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold
Malign DevotionKotama GrasslandsInteract with Husun
More Than Meets the EyeThe Accursed WastesInteract with RakhaanComplete Hunting the Relic Hunter
No Deed UnpunishedTusmaa RiftInteract with Cultist Missive
Phases of the MoonQara YisuInteract with ArbanComplete Ruins of Qara-Yisu Stronghold
Raising SpearsUntamed ScarpsInteract with EaldaComplete Consumed by Pride
Reject the MotherTusmaa RiftFind Torn Note
Salt Begets SaltUntamed ScarpsInteract with Jargal
Scorched DebtsKhargai CragsFind Scorched Debt Ledger
Sealed Oxen Tribe CacheKhargai CragsFind Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache
Sealed Penitent’s CacheThe Scarred CoastFind Sealed Penitent’s Cache
Sentimental ValueJakha BasinInteract with Ulagan
Strange Ore SampleWithin Tusmaa RiftFind Strange Ore Sample
Tarnished AmuletUntamed ScarpsFind Tarnished Amulet
The Unlucky OnesThe Scarred CoastInteract with Nayan
Thieves’ FamineKotama GrasslandsInteract with Gelek
Treasure or TrashChambatar RidgeInteract with Rakhaan
Weight of SinChambatar RidgeInteract with Nekhii
What RemainsJakha BasinInteract with Bayarma
Worthy of ArreatUntamed ScarpsInteract with EaldaComplete Fury Against Fate


Quest NameLocationHow to UnlockPrerequisite
A Moment of PeaceRagged CoastlineInteract with AsaComplete Head of the Snake
A Wolf’s HonorRagged CoastlineInteract with Asa
Acts of AtonementCaldeumInteract with EdgarComplete An Errant Flock
An Errant FlockCaldeumInteract with The Traveler
An Unlawful OrderCaldeumInteract with EdgarComplete Justice Delayed
Butchers of the NorthAmber SandsInteract with Zarshala
Deadly TradeSouthern ExpanseInteract with Work Notice
DesiccationAmber SandsInteract with Naglaa
Endless FortuneSouthern ExpanseFind Old Journal
Final StrawSouthern ExpanseInteract with Basef the Merchant
Guardians of the PitRagged CoastlineInteract with Heddam
Head of the SnakeRagged CoastlineInteract with HaddadComplete More Value Than Gold
In Desperate TimesCaldeumFind On Caldeum’s DefensesComplete Beat Campaign
Izel of the VizjereiSouthern ExpanseInteract with IzelComplete A Voice from the Past
Justice DelayedSouthern ExpanseInteract with SunaComplete Acts of Atonement
Late ShipmentSouthern ExpanseFind Battered Shipment
MirageAmber SandsInteract with the Mysterious Figure
More Value Than GoldRagged CoastlineInteract with Asa
On the HuntRagged CoastlineInteract with Haddad
Pinch of PoisonSouthern ExpanseInteract with Baraim
Ravenous Necrolyte’s CacheWithin Scouring SandsFind Ravenous Necrolyte’s Cache
RemnantsCaldeumInteract with Crumpled Note
Road to RuinAmber SandsInteract with MahjoobComplete Unsafe Travels
Safe PassageRagged CoastlineInteract with Tamiyyah
Seeking RefugeRagged CoastlineInteract with Tamiyyah
Shadow of AlcarnusScouring SandsInteract with Torlos
Spotted MushroomWithin Southern ExpanseFind Spotted Mushroom
Strange RemediesRagged CoastlineInteract with Asyfa
Symbol of FaithAmber SandsInteract with Amr
The Only CureAmber SandsInteract with MahjoobComplete Road to Ruin
The Pilgrim’s FootstepsAmber SandsFind Old Book
The Speaking StoneSouthern ExpanseInteract with FishermanComplete A Voice from the Past
The Way of the ThreeCaldeumInteract with Unknown AltarComplete Altar of Ruin Stronghold
Timely CorrespondenceRagged CoastlineInteract with Waterstained Letter
To Serve AgainCaldeumFind Iron Wolf Armor
Traces of IronScouring SandsInteract with Jillan
Unsafe TravelsAmber SandsInteract with Mahjoob
Unusual OreRagged CoastlineFind Unusual Ore
When the Tide Comes InSouthern ExpanseInteract with Yasir
Zakarum’s PlightSouthern ExpanseInteract with TameonComplete A Voice from the Past


Quest NameLocationHow to UnlockPrerequisite
A Debt RepaidForsaken CoastInteract with Kato
A Price to PayUmir PlateauInteract with AnetaComplete The Heretic
A Question of SelfDismal FoothillsInteract with Elder OraniiComplete Past Regrets Quest
At Any CostBlightmarshInteract with Terrified PilgrimComplete To Walk a Dark Path
Bad BloodBlightmarshInteract with GulyasComplete Necrotic Research
Bait the TrapForsaken CoastInteract with LyndonComplete Discretionary Spending
Brought to HeelForsaken CoastInteract with Lumir
By Three They ComeForsaken CoastInteract with SevComplete Turbulent Waters
Chained Zakarum RepositoryWithin Dismal FoothillsFind Chained Zakarum Repository
Closing the BookDismal FoothillsInteract with Elder AkosComplete Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold
Coiled GraspUmir PlateauInteract with Crusader Warwick
Dead in the WaterForsaken CoastInteract with Tomaj
Dead to RightsForsaken CoastInteract with LyndonComplete Bait the Trap
Desperate RemediesDismal FoothillsInteract with Elder Lau
Discretionary SpendingForsaken CoastInteract with Lyndon
Drink to the PastWithin Rotspill DeltaFind Kingsport AleComplete Dead to Rights
Flesh and BloodFethis WetlandsInteract with Yonca
Fungal RemediesDismal FoothillsQuest Giver: –
Gift of the SwampDismal FoothillsInteract with Marta
Glittering AbundanceWithin Fethis WetlandsFind Gem-laden Geode
Good RiddanceWithin Rotspill DeltaFind Forgotten CrossbowComplete Dead to Rights
Growing RemindersThe Writhing MireInteract with KresComplete Tangled Memories
Heart of MoldDismal FoothillsInteract with YolandaComplete Fungal Remedies
Heart’s BurdenThe Writhing MireFind Rusted Dagger
Hungering Necrolyte’s CacheToxic FensInteract with Hungering Necrolyte’s Cache
Ire of the WitchRotspill DeltaInteract with Zurke
Left BehindVyereszInteract with MateenComplete Vyeresz Stronghold
Lost CauseVyereszInteract with ErdenerComplete Vyeresz Stronghold
Lost LegacyRuins of Rakhat KeepInteract with Ksenia
Necrotic ResearchBlightmarshInteract with GulyasComplete Poisoned Hearts
One Little Red SprigWithin Rotspill DeltaInteract with Budding Crimson Thorn
Overstepping the MarkUmir PlateauInteract with Mislan
Past RegretsDismal FoothillsInteract with TaissaComplete A Question of Self
Perceived ThreatRotspill DeltaInteract with ZurkeComplete Ire of the Witch
Poisoned HeartsFethis WetlandsInteract with GulyasComplete A Price to Pay
Remnants of FaithUmir PlateauInteract with Tomyris
RemnantsCaldeumInteract with Crumpled Note
Song of RotRotspill DeltaInteract with ZurkeComplete Perceived Threat
Tangled MemoriesThe Writhing MireInteract with Kres
The Greater GoodForsaken CoastInteract with Lyndon
The HereticUmir PlateauInteract with Vass
The Swamp’s ProtectionBlightmarshInteract with Timue
The Way of the ThreeCaldeumInteract with Unknown AltarComplete Altar of Ruin Stronghold
Timeworn EffigyWithin Forsaken CoastFind Timeworn Timue Doll
Timely CorrespondenceRagged CoastlineInteract with Waterstained Letter
TimueFethis WetlandsFind Timeworn Effigy
To Serve AgainCaldeumFind Iron Wolf Armor
To Walk a Dark PathUmir PlateauInteract with Father Dymus
Traveler’s SuperstitionRotspill DeltaFind Hastily Scrawled Note
Turbulent WatersBlightmarshInteract with Acolyte’s HeadComplete At Any Cost
Unearthed RegretsThe Writhing MireInteract with KresComplete Growing Reminders
Venom of the NangariWithin BlightmarshFind Curious VenomComplete Bad Blood
What Can’t Be CuredDismal FoothillsInteract with Nevan

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