All Secret bosses in High On Life

Here are all the secret bosses you can find in High On Life.

If you have finished High On Life and still want to continue playing the game. Don’t worry, you can still do much in High On Life, like exploring and finding secret endings. Along with humor, Squanch Games has put in many different kinds of Easter Eggs to discover and places to visit after you finish the game.

The first thing players can do is get a wrap disc and explore what each of it has to offer. After you are done with that, you can search for secret endings and secret bosses, which the game is filled with. If you are wondering how to get the secret bosses in High On Life, we have a complete guide on how to get to all the secret bosses on High On Life.

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All Secret bosses in High On Life

High on Life has a very satisfying combat system that involves different kinds of talking weapons with abilities. Each of the boss battles designed in the game seems to be very carefully and perfectly planned out. Moreover, there are a total of 3 secret bosses you can meet and defeat in High On Life. However, you will have to make certain decisions in the game to trigger these. You can check out how to get to them below:

All Secret Bosses

  • 5-Torg
  • Douglas’ Suit
  • Dr. Gurgula


Credit- Squanch Games

Remember 9-Torg and how you had to decide what to do with 5-Torg after you defeated 9-Torg? If you chose to leave her, it would be a waste of time because she could not make anything of that situation. If you return to her after you finish the battle, you will see her hanging, and you can kill her with your guns.

Nothing in High On Life changes if you choose to kill her first or later on in the game, she will always be hanging where you left her. To sum up, It isn’t a boss battle, and it’s a joke in the form of a boss battle created in High On Life.

Douglas’ Suit

Douglas suit boss
Credit- Squanch Games

Next is a fight you can do if you haven’t already defeated Douglas. It is the same Boss Battle, but you will fight Douglas’s suit without him being in it. To unlock this fight, you must complete Krubis’s bounty. Now put Gus in your hand while you meet Dr.Joopy and solve his pipe puzzles.

Among your guns, Gus will be the only one who will notice that Dr. Joopy changes the name of his kids every time you meet with him. This will lead him to tell you to shoot him and if you choose to shoot him, he will drop his act and retreat to get his suit. However, once you reach the chamber, you will see he is already dead, but the suit will fight against you rather than him.

Dr. Gurgula

Dr Gurgula
Credit- Squanch Games

You can only access this boss if you unlock the secret ending in High On Life. Although if you find Dr.Gurgula, you will not be able to fight him, which hints at a possible sequel coming for High On Life. However, reaching this point, players unlock an achievement called Sequel-Bait achievement. Which could mean it’s yet another perfectly placed joke by High On Life developers.

Apart from all the secret bosses of the game, if you are wondering how to defeat all the main story bosses. You can check out our article on How to Defeat All Bosses in High On Life.

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