How to Defeat All Bosses in High On Life

Here is how you can defeat all the bosses in High on Life.

High On Life is one of a kind of game where guns talk and make broken humor jokes. When the trailer first came out, High On Life grabbed a lot of attention due to its unique gameplay style, and boy did it not disappoint its fans when it came out. First-person story-based shooter games have always been the first choice for players during holidays.

Along with your Christmas spirit, make sure you are jam-packed for alien action when you play High on Life. It has all the ingredients, from jumping from one planet to the other to bringing down alien drug lords. High on Life offers a brand new perspective on sci-fi shooter games.

Moreover, players will face different bosses on their journey to the unknown, and getting through them won’t be easy. So below, we have made a complete guide on defeating all the bosses in High On Life.

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How To Defeat All The Bosses in High On Life

There are seven bosses in High On Life to finish the game. Each Boss has different sets of moves and uses different weapons, so you must plan accordingly. If you are stuck on a boss and wondering how to defeat it. Below we have made a list of all the bosses, where you will find them, and how to defeat them.

All Bosses

  • 9-Torg
  • Krubis 
  • Douglas 
  • Dr. Giblets 
  • Skrendel Bros
  • Nipulon
  • Garmantuous 


9-Torg will be the first bounty and boss fight you will come across in High On Life. During this boss fight, you will not have any other Gatlians in your arsenal except for Knifey and Kenny. The fight is not easy to deal with, although it is the first Boss you will come across in High On Life.


You will find this Boss on Nova Sanctus, and there are three Phases to this fight.

How to Defeat

During the first phase of the fight, she will shoot energy shots which you can easily avoid. Some of these energy shots will be big, and you can deflect them back to her to get her stunned. Once she is shocked, damage her using Kenny. You can also shoot your Glob shot at her and use your primary shots to juggle her in the air.

Credit- Squanch Games

Once the first phase ends, she will enter the toxic water, appear from different ends, and shoot lasers. Use the same tactics to damage her and bring it to the last phase of the fight. During this fight, the sludge will rise, and you will have to stay in the air using Knifey.

While you are in the air jumping from one place to the other, shoot her at all times and keep damaging her. Once her health drops to 0, she will self-destruct and use her lasers again to kill you. Use Knifey to grabble and go from one point to the other during this time. Once that ends, the fight will end.


Kruibis is the second Boss you will have to defeat to get closer to killing Garmantuous and saving Earth. A drill is attached to Krubis’s head which he will use to go underground and reappear during the battle. You should have the Dodge kit during this time, which will be critical in this battle. Krubis is fast, and it is tough to keep track of that, but you will have to use your dodge kit to avoid his incoming attacks.


You will find this Boss the first time you visit Zephyr Paradise.

How to Defeat

During the first half of the battle, he will use two attacks which you can dodge and use Knifey, and you can send back the sawblade coming at you back to him. Also, remember to use your glob shots using Kenny to send him flying to do damage. Moving onto the next phase, this time, Krubis will go inside the ground and will try to shoot you from the ground.

Credit- Squanch Games

Make sure you anticipate where he is coming from, shoot your Glob shots there, and use Kenny to fire at him for additional damage constantly. Krubis will also call for his minions to help him out during the battle, and using them, you can get your Durashield up. Once you have successfully depleted 50% of his health, he will go desperate to kill you, and this is where the battle turns difficult.

Krubis will dash from one wall to another and through the dirt, firing laser beams. This phase is sometimes overwhelming to finish, but once you get used to his pace, it becomes easier. Keep using Kenny to shoot using your primary fire and Knifey to deflect any incoming blades. Keep doing this till his health hits zero, and you will be rewarded with Gus after the battle ends.


Douglas is the master trainer and torturer for the G3 cartel, who has the most brutal way of training his recruits, so make sure you have your A game prepared for his test ahead of the boss battle. He also has a unique ability to deal damage with his ink sac and Gatlian, which makes him a demanding boss to defeat in High on Life. He can also make the floor full of electricity, so make sure to use Knifey and Dodge it.


You will find your third bounty Douglas in Port Terrene.

How to Defeat

As the fight starts, you will see Douglas in the ground most, and here you can use Kenny to deal damage. After a while, you will see him jumping from one pillar to the other in the arena, and here, you should start using your Glob shot and your primary fire to do damage. Make sure you walk up to him when he is down on the ground to deal damage using Knifey.

Credit- Squanch Games

After repeating this, you will see that the ground will become an electric arena, and here, using your dodge unit is a must. Some small minions will also join Douglas here to kill you. Just make sure you avoid the electricity-filled floor, and you will see these minions dying on their own.

During the final phase, Douglas will primarily be on the pillars, so use Kenny’s Glob shot or Gus’s Saw to hit him and bring him down. Remember, if Gus’s saw hits him once, you can use Knifey to get the three most hits out of it by deflecting again and again. Keep using this tactic till he is dead, and you will be rewarded with Sweezy as your next Gatlian who can slow down time.

Dr. Giblets

Dr.Giblets is probably the weirdest boss of all the bosses in High On Life. In the game as he kills himself, thinking someone is after his life. A crazy scientist is dead! What could go wrong, right? To your surprise, Dr. Giblets has made a foolproof plan to kill anyone who has killed him. In this Boss, you will be bombarded with hordes of enemies, so you be ready to use each of your weapons to their full potential.


You will find Dr.Giblets dead in his Lab inside Zephyr Paradise.

How to Defeat

This is more like a survival mode rather than a boss fight, but it certainly takes effort to get through it. During the first couple of waves, keep a distance from your enemies. Use the abilities of Kenny and Gus to get through them. However, once the platforms go up, the real fight starts.

Credit- Squanch Games

During this battle phase, ensure you are well-equipped with Sweezy and use him close to killing everyone around. Remember to use Sweezy’s bubble and all other Gatlian’s abilities to get through all the enemies. Also, during this Boss, if you have Gus’s Mod of sucking in shields from enemies, it could give you a good edge. Once you complete all the waves, the battle will be over, and Dr. Giblet’s AI will understand he killed himself and apologize to you.

Skrendel Bros/Bro-Tron

Skrendel Bros is four villains combined into one big boss battle. Going along with the unusual boss themes of High On Life, you will first have to defeat all three of them differently and then together once.

Out of all the bosses in High On life, this is the one who takes the most time to defeat. The minor bosses are not as tough as Bro-Tron when all of them join together. The first three mini-bosses are easy to defeat however when all of them join together, it is tough to defeat them.


Like Krubis and Dr. Giblets, you will find Skrendel Bros/Bro-Tron in Zephyr Paradise.

How to Defeat

After you deal with all the bros separately, it will be time you have to take all of them at once. At the beginning of the battle, you will see Bro-Ton creating waves of sludge that do a lot of damage if you get hit by it. Try to avoid them using your jetpack and dodging the unit. While you try to get away from the sludge, use Kenny or any of your weapons.

Skrendel Bros
Credit- Squanch Games

As you keep damaging them through the battle, they will break for some time and get scattered. Use this time to focus and finish at least one of them. At some point, Bro-Ton will also go to the center of the battle and start spinning to send tornados of sludge at you. Track them and avoid them because they can take down your health quickly.

Once you kill all of them, the boss battle will end. You can take the DNA of the three brothers and get your bounty reward.


In the second last boss battle to finish High On Life, you must go against Nipulon. After you get a glimpse of how Humans are being used as drugs to get high off by aliens. Players must defeat Nipulon and take out all their anger on him. This boss battle is probably the most confusing and unique in the game, as Nipulon will give you a small drug dose while fighting with you.


You will find this boss Port Terrene after infiltrating becoming a trainee for G3.

How to Defeat

During the first part of the battle, it will be pretty straightforward. However, once you deplete a quarter of his health, you will get drugged by him, and rest of the battle, you will have to finish the fight in your trippy state. Once you reach this point, you will find yourself in a weird trippy world where you need to talk with Gene.

Credit- Squanch Games

Hereafter you make a choice when you are talking with gene look for a white light and head to it. You will see a hole and fall through it to go deeper into the high. As you fall through the hole, you will see Nipulon shooting at you with different versions of him. Here aim for the Nipulon with the real colors, which will damage him. Remember here to move as the different versions of Nipulon try to hit you.

This segment of searching for the hole and you going down in it while Nipulon tries to kill you will continue for two more rounds. After you kill him in the 3rd hole, the boss fight will end you will have your 6th bounty.


After realizing what is being done to their friends and family by aliens, players will finally come to the last boss fight of the game to save Earth. Garmantuous is the game’s final Boss and arguably the most powerful. During the boss battle, you will be significantly overwhelmed by his attacks but remember to use Lezduit to deplete his health quickly.


You will find the game’s last Boss on your home planet Earth.

How to defeat

Now coming to the final boss of High On Life, who is also the most dangerous among all other bosses in High On Life. The key to this battle is two things, the dodge unit, and Lezduit. In fact, using them well is essential. He spams you with energy balls in the hope of killing you and keeping his throne of the G3 cartel. During the first phase of the battle, he throws balls of energy at you. Just use your dodge unit and try to dodge as many as you can, then you can use Lezduit to damage him. One-half of his health goes away, and he will start throwing lasers and be more aggressive but use the same tactic to harm him.

Credit- Squanch Games

After you defeat him once, to break your hearts, the fight isn’t over. He will regain his total health and this time, he will use Sludge waves to kill you. If you remember how you defeated Bro-Ton use the same tactic here and kill him one last time. Once you defeat him, Earth will finally be free from aliens, and you will be the one who did it.

Apart from defeating all the bosses, if you are wondering how many weapons there are in High On Life. Check our article in High On Life: All Weapons Ranked.

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