All Playable Characters: Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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Here is the list of all playable characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the latest entry to the Super Mario franchise developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game is the first side-scrolling Super Mario game in the last decade.

Therefore, the gameplay, as well as the story, is as familiar to us as it gets. You guide a character of your choice to the end of the level while pummelling through or completely avoiding the enemies and going over all the obstacles the game throws at you.

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One of the notable features of the game is the number of playable characters it offers. While the concept of many playable characters isn’t exactly new, the new game expands upon its previous roaster by quite a big margin.

Also, this time around, the game made clearing levels a whole lot easier with the introduction of characters with special advantages. So, let’s go over everything there is to know about each of the 8 characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

List Of Playable Characters In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

You can play Super Mario Bros. Wonder as any of the 8 characters listed below:

1. Mario

Super Mario Bros Wonder Mario

The first playable character is, of course, the red iconic plumber himself, Mario. There is no surprise here as we have seen the plumber run and jump across the platforms for years and years.

And as always, the classic mushroom power-ups turn Mario into Super Mario. But the new power-ups, like the one that turns Mario into an elephant, are something to see for yourself!

2. Luigi

Super Mario Bros Wonder Luigi

The younger brother of Mario, Luigi, has probably always been the second playable character in a Mario game. There is a misconception among Luigi players, though, that Luigi jumps slightly higher than Mario. But in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, there will be no difference gameplay-wise among the two brothers.

3. Peach

Super Mario Bros Wonder Peach

Peach has always been the damsel in distress in Mario games who gets captured by Bowser at the very beginning of the story. But not in this one.

Although we have gotten the opportunity to play Peach in games like Super Princess Peach, where you have to save the Mario Brothers, she never really has been the main playable character in a game where you can also play Mario.

4. Daisy

Super Mario Bros Wonder Daisy

Truth be told, Princess Daisy’s inclusion is not something we expected in Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s roster, as Princess Daisy has always been more of a side character like Waluigi.

But we’re not complaining, as Daisy’s unique color scheme and cheerful personality is something that goes hand in hand with the whole theme.

5. Toad

Super Mario Bros Wonder Toads

You can actually play with two different colors of Toad in the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This also means that you and your multiplayer friend can both play as Toad!

His piercing voice might not be for everyone, but his willingness to face what he is scared of is definitely something we can all get behind!

6. Toadette

Super Mario Bros Wonder Toadette

Toadette was a memorable playable character in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and now, she also makes a welcome appearance in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Toadette is the third female playable character in the new game. Her joyful personality can definitely be contagious and will bring a few chuckles to whoever decides to play as her.

7. Yoshi

Super Mario Bros Wonder Yoshi

Yoshi first debuted in Super Mario World on the SNES as Mario’s sidekick. He usually serves as Mario’s trusted steed. One notable feature of Yoshi is that Yoshi can gobble enemies with his long tongue and lay eggs that function as projectiles!

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Yoshi can be played in four different color variants! The available colors are Red, Green, Yellow, or Light Blue.

Also, Yoshi is one of the characters alongside Nabbit, who are meant to be played if you want to play the game in easy mode. We’ll explain that in more detail below.

8. Nabbit

Super Mario Bros Wonder Nabbit

Unlike the others, Nabbit actually made his franchise debut as an enemy that Mario would track down and chase. But he quickly became a fan favorite and has since appeared in several Mario games. And now, Nabbit is officially a playable character in Super Mario Bros. Wonder!

As mentioned above, Nabbit is also an Easy Mode character in this game. So let’s next dive into what exactly is different when you play as Nabbit or Yoshi when compared to the others.

Nabbit & Yoshi: Easy Mode Characters

Nabbit & Yoshi: Easy Mode Characters

Yoshi and Nabbit are the only two playable characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder who do not take damage. However, there will be a trade-off as they can not utilize any of the power-ups in the game.

So essentially, playing Yoshi and Nabbit will make the levels significantly easier. Having said that, there are a couple of differences between Yoshi and Nabbit that are worth mentioning.

Yoshi, whenever hit by an enemy, is only temporarily stunned. Whereas Nabbit is completely immune to enemy attacks.

Another fun little feature is that other players can actually ride on Yoshi! Meaning, that if you have friends playing with you and you pick Yoshi, then your friends can actually jump and ride on Yoshi.

And since Nabbit and Yoshi are meant for a younger audience, this can add a ton of fun to the gameplay when you’re playing together with them.

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