All Koskela Brother Commercial Locations: Alan Wake 2

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Here are all the Koskela Brother Commercial Locations in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 has a large list of unlockable contents in the game. The game contains a lot of content for you to explore and unlock. One of the most unique unlockable features in Alan Wake 2 are the Koskela Brother commercials, which need to be played by visiting certain areas. You must visit the required locations to trigger these ads.

To complete and earn the Koskela Brother trophy, you must play all six Koskela Brother commercials. These commercials can only be found at specific spots during specific periods of the chapters. While some of them might give you the chance to play them later if you miss them, most of them will not give you this chance. In this guide, we will show you the location of all the Koskela Brother commercials in Alan Wake 2.

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All Koskela Brother Commercials in Alan Wake 2

Here is a list of all the commercials in Alan Wake 2, along with how to play each of them. Keep in mind that these commercials are chapter-specific, so if you miss any of them, they might not be able to be played again in the later chapters.

Commercial NameReturnHow to play
Koskela Brother Commercial 1:
Adventure Tours
Return 1: InvitationGet inside the police station and enter the employee lounge to play this commercial.
Koskela Brother Commercial 2:
Coffee World
Return 3: Local GirlEnter Elderwood Palace Lodge to play this commercial.
Koskela Brother Commercial 3:
Ahma Beer
Return 3: Local GirlThis commercial can be played at different locations: Oh Deer Diner, Suomi Hall, or the Elderwood Palace Lodge.
Koskela Brother Commercial 4:
Parade Floats
Return 3: Local GirlEnter the Lighthouse Trailer Park to play this commercial.
Koskela Brother Commercial 5:
Bright Falls Blend
Return 5: Old GodsEnter the Rec Room in the Valhalla Nursery Home to play this commercial.
Koskela Brother Commercial 6:
“Return” Review
Return 8: DeerfestEnter Oh Deer Diner to play this commercial.

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