Bright Falls Map Location: Alan Wake 2

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Bright Falls Map Location: Alan Wake 2

Learn the ways you can get your hands on the map of Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

After a decade of hauling, we will now take on the role of FBI agent Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2. As the plot starts off with the murder case of former FBI agent Nightangle, Saga wants to check up on the body for a close look. And for that to happen, she requests the local sheriff of Bright Falls make the necessary arrangements in the local morgue. And that is where we will be visiting the little town of Bright Falls.

Soon we will discover the local town that was washed by the recent flood. People are out for their daily chores, shops are opened as usual, and soon we will meet the sheriff outside the diner. Before you start off with the quest, I would suggest looking around and taking a walk around the town. But of course, you will need a map to lessen the hassle. And that is what I will be talking about today. Without further ado, jump in and find out the map of Bright Falls.

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Map of Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2

Map of Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2

There are basically multiple locations to grab the map of Brights Fall. Starting off with the notice board on the wall of Oh Deer Diner On your way to meet the sheriff, check out that notice board on the wall beside the payphone that’s trying to go home. Walk in front of the wall and interact. The map of Brights Fall will be in your stash in no time.

In case you “missed it”, there is another pinned map outside the police station. You will notice the map is pinned just outside the station—on your right, to be specific. Again, interact, and you will get the map.

Hold your horse; there is another location where you can find the map: the lodge where you will be staying. Agent Cassey will soon ask you to meet there. On your way to the lodge, turn right. You will notice the brightly highlighted map of Bright Falls pinned on. Grab it.

And there you go. These are all the locations you can find on the map of Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2. Stick around for more!

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