All Games Releasing in May 2023

Abu Bakar Karim
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Games Releasing in May 2023

Shift the gear up and list down all the games coming in this May 2023.

The gaming industry is off to a roaring start this year, with blockbuster releases of Resident Evil 4 Remake. As we head into the second quarter of 2023, there’s still plenty of excitement to come, with several highly-anticipated releases slated for the remainder of the year.

Gamers can expect an array of options across all platforms, including Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Spider-Man 2, and Starfield. Whether you’re a PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC gamer, there’s something for everyone. Pre-ordering options are available for those who want to secure their copies ahead of time.

Don’t let April fool you into thinking there’s a lull in the action, as there are still fantastic games to keep you occupied. The month features exciting releases such as Minecraft Legends, Dead Island 2, and the much-anticipated The Mageseeker: A LoL Story. April is just a small taste of the gaming feast in store for us this year!

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Games Releasing in May 2023

  • Redfall (PC, XSX/S) – May 2
  • Age of Wonders 4 (PC, PS5, XSX/S) – May 2
  • Showgunners (PC) – May 2
  • Ravenlok (Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC) – May 4
  • Hogwarts Legacy (PS4, Xbox One) – May 5
  • Darkest Dungeon II – May 8
  • Cook Serve Forever – Steam Early Access (PC) – May 8
  • Peridot (iOS, Android) – May 9
  • Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 – May 11
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Switch) – May 12
  • Atlas Fallen (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC) – May 16
  • Tin Hearts (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S) – May 16
  • The Outlast Trials (PC) – May 18
  • I Am Future – Steam Early Access (PC) – May 18
  • LEGO 2K Drive (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, Switch) – May 19
  • Farworld Pioneers (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, Switch) – May 20
  • Inkbound – Steam Early Access (PC) – May 22
  • Miasma Chronicles (PC, PS5, XSX/S) – May 23
  • After Us (PC, PS5, XSX/S) – May 23
  • Bread & Fred (PC) – May 23
  • Amnesia: The Bunker (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S) – May 23
  • Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, Switch) – May 23
  • Dynopunk (PC) – May 25
  • Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 (PC, Switch) – May 25
  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum (PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S) – May 25
  • Above Snakes (PC) – May 25
  • Company of Heroes 3 (PS5, XSX/S) – May 30
  • System Shock (PC) – May 30
  • Poly Bridge 3 (PC) – May 30
  • Candle Knight (PC) – May 31

And that is all I had for the games that will see daylight in the upcoming May 2023.

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