All game modes in WWE 2K22

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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A list of all the game modes in the new surprise hit, WWE 2K22.

After a couple of disappointing launches, the WWE 2k series has seen a pause for quite some time. Now it looks like the all-time favorite wrestling game franchise is making a comeback with WWE 2k22. Although not as excellent or polished as the wrestling games we once knew, WWE 2k22 has seen some positive reception, thanks to its refined core gameplay & updated graphics, which finally look next-gen. The game sits on 79 on the Metacritic user score.

Yes, it is not too high, but it is a great start and a return to classic game series. Let’s see how well this new direction to the WWE game holds up in bringing old and new fans.

A new entry to the series means new game modes to keep players feeling fresh and hooked, and hence, WWE 2k22 brought in a couple of game modes with which 2k promised that the game would be “the most complete feeling 2k game to date.”

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Game Modes in WWE 2k22

Exhibition and Tournaments are the bread and butter of any WWE game, so we are not putting them on the list. The Exhibition mode is the standard PPV match against CPU or other players, and tournament mode is pretty much what the name says; a tournament mode with a final match and a champion. Of course, you can edit the match types and other settings as you wish.

At launch, the game modes in WWE 2k22 are:

  • MyGM: The general manager mode was missing for a long time, and now it is finally back. Step into the role of a General Manager, make your WWE brand the biggest show to exist. Pick among Smackdown, RAW, NXT, NXT UK.
  • MyFaction: This mode lets you create your own faction like nWo or Evolution. Hire stars, train them, manage them to mkae it the next big thing.
  • MyRise: MyRise is the career mode of 2k22, and replaced earlier game’s MyCareer mode. Play with your own custom wrestler as they rise to the top, on a brand new storymode. Playable for both male and female custom characters.
  • WWE 2K Showcase: This mode lets you playthrough some of the most defining WWE moments and matches with the biggest and the most iconic superstars in the series history.
  • Universe Mode: Universe mode is a WWE 2k staple which is an upgrade to the manager mode. The Universe Mode basically gives you complete control of the whole WWE. You decide player, drafts, brands, matches and everything else. You are the boss. Furthermore, there is a new addition to this game mode in WWE 2k22. That is the addition of the Superstar mode. A new mode within the Universe mode, where you play as one Superstar’s career.

These are all the game modes in WWE 2k22. Of course, you can expect more game modes to come soon with updates in the future. Till now, it looks like 2k really held up to their promise with a new WWE game jam-packed with content. Wrestling fans, this is the best WWE gaming experience you can get in modern times. Grab it if you’ve been dying for a good wrestling videogame.

WWE 2k22 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.

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