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Credit: Insomniac Games

Here’s every Gadget you can equip in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 finally makes its long-anticipated release, and it expands upon the open-world action-adventure gameplay of its predecessors. Faster web-swinging, more fluid combat, a larger map, with the inclusion of Brooklyn and Queens, and an improved combat system.

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Gadgets make a return in Spider-Man 2, and while there are fewer of them than in the first game, each individual gadget is more useful, especially in combat, where you can use them to extend combos and generally have more ways to fight. There are five Gadgets, and they are all used during combat.

Furthermore, each gadget has its own set of upgrades to increase its effectiveness further. These upgrades range from stat boosts to additional effects for the gadget.

This guide is all about gadgets, how to use them, and their upgrades.

List of All Gadgets in Spider-Man 2

Below are all the gadgets you can use in Spider-Man 2 and their upgrades.

Web Shooters

Web Shooters
Credit: Insomniac Games

Spidey’s most iconic and trusty gadget, it is extremely helpful in any combat situation. It allows you to do ranged attacks to poke at enemies or finish them off if they’re at low health. Furthermore, the Web-Shooters can be used to slow down enemies and stun Brutes so you can get some hits in.

Web-Shooters can be used right from the tutorial mission, and you can press R1 during combat to shoot your webs. (spamming is effective but not encouraged).

You’ll be able to see the number of shots you have left at the top right corner. If you use up all your shots, you’ll have to wait for them to refill before you can start shooting again.

Moreover, you can also upgrade the Web-Shooters and even give it some AOE and crowd utilities.

Below are all the upgrades for the Web-Shooters:

  • Increased Recharge
    • Effect: Increases how quickly Web-Shooters refill.
  • Increased Capacity
    • Effect: Increases max shot count by 4.
    • Cost: 115 Tech Parts, 3 City Tokens
  • Recycle
    • Effect: Increases Focus gain from hitting enemies with Web-Shooters.
    • Cost: 115 Tech Parts, 4 Rare Tech Parts
  • Splash Zone
    • Effect: Every third Web Shot at a single enemy creates a small Web Splash that adds webbing to nearby enemies.
    • Unlocked at Level 18
    • Cost: 120 Tech Parts, 6 Rare Tech Parts
  • Web Burst
    • Effect: Webbing up a standard-size enemy at point-blank range causes the enemy to fly back.
    • Unlocked at Level 19
    • Cost: 120 Tech Parts, 4 Hero Tokens

Web Grabber

Web Grabber
Credit: Insomniac Games

The Web Grabber is arguably the most effective gadget in the game, and it shines especially during combat with large groups of enemies.

By pressing R1+Square, the web grabber shoots multiple webs toward enemies and throwable objects and pulls them together, and the objects damage the enemies as they are pulled in.

This makes it useful for taking out a single, strong enemy or a group of enemies. Therefore, the web grabber can be used for single target damage, AOE damage, and crowd control.

To craft the Web Grabber, you’ll need 115 Tech Parts and 3 City Tokens. Alternatively, you’ll have it unlocked early if you pre-ordered the game.

Below are the upgrades you can get for the Web Grabber:

  • Bombard
    • Unlocked at Level 10
    • Effect: Pull in throwables from the environment, crashing them into enemies.
    • Cost: 155 Tech Parts, 3 City Tokens
  • Increased Range
    • Unlocked at Level 11
    • Effect: Grabs enemies from longer distances.
    • Cost: 170 Tech Parts, 6 Rare Tech Parts
  • Heave Ho!
    • Unlocked at Level 16
    • Effect: Increased power allows for Brutes to be pulled in.
    • Cost: 165 Tech Parts, 5 Hero Tokens
  • Grabtastic
    • Unlocked at Level 25
    • Effect: Increases the number of enemies grabbed from 4 to 6.
    • Cost: 155 Tech Parts, 3 City Tokens
  • Remix
    • Unlocked at Level 26
    • Effect: Web Grabber projectiles become electrified throwables after being deployed. Throw using [L1] + [R1] to electrify enemies.
    • Cost: 175 Tech Parts, 8 Rare Tech Parts


Credit: Insomniac Games

Another useful gadget for crowd control, Upshot sends multiple enemies into the air and leaves them vulnerable, making it a great setup tool for air combos, and you can also yank them down with your web. Alternatively, you can send enemies into the air to stun them while focusing on a stronger enemy on the ground.

Upshot can be fired by pressing R1+Triangle and is available right from the tutorial mission.

Below are the upgrades you can get for Upshot:

  • Increased Capacity 1
    • Effect: Increases max shot count by 1.
    • Cost: 115 Tech Parts, 2 City Tokens
  • Heavy Pop Up
    • Effect: A stronger thrust allows projectiles to lift Brute enemies.
    • Cost: 115 Tech Parts, 5 Rare Tech Parts
  • Increased Capacity II
    • Effect: Increases max shot count by 1.
    • Cost: 115 Tech Parts, 4 City Tokens
  • Fire Power
    • Unlocked at Level 24
    • Effect: Increases the amount of projectiles fired in a single volley.
    • Cost: 140 Tech Parts, 5 Hero Tokens
  • Projectile Launch
    • Unlocked at Level 25
    • Effect: Firing the gadget causes an additional burst that knocks enemies away.
    • Cost: 155 Tech Parts, 7 Rare Tech Parts

Concussion/Sonic Burst

Concussion/Sonic Burst
Credit: Insomniac Games

Concussion Burst, which is later upgraded to Sonic Burst, lets you knock enemies away from you, letting you catch a breather during combat. Enemies caught in the blast are also momentarily vulnerable.

This gadget is most useful when there are a large number of enemies with shields and weapons. Furthermore, the shockwave stuns symbiote enemies for a longer time.

Concussion Burst is unlocked at level 11 and costs 170 Tech Parts and 4 Rare Tech Parts to unlock.

  • Burst Disarm
    • Unlocked at Level 13
    • Effect: Enemies drop their weapons caught in the blast.
    • Cost: 200 Tech Parts, 5 Hero Tokens
  • Lure
    • Effect: When fired while in stealth, away from enemies, this device emits a sound that draws enemies to it.
    • Cost: 190 Tech Parts, 5 Rare Tech Parts
    • Unlocked at Level 14
  • Increased Capacity
    • Unlocked at Level 22
    • Effect: Increases max shot count by 1.
    • Cost: 195 Tech Parts, 4 City Tokens
  • Shockwave
    • Unlocked at Level 27
    • Effect: Increase the blast radius.
    • Cost: 220 Tech Parts, 6 Rare Tech Parts
  • Mine Deploy
    • Effect: Launches three additional micro-mines that detonate with a small concussive blast when enemies approach.
    • Unlocked at Level 13
    • Cost: 200 Tech Parts, 6 Hero Tokens

Ricochet Web

Ricochet Web
Credit: Insomniac Games

Ricochet Web works like regular Web Shooters, but the Web webs up multiple enemies, and each shot bounces to and from each enemy. It can be used effectively when enemies are close and packed together.

Ricochet Web is unlocked at level 13 and requires 200 Tech Parts and 6 Hero Tokens to craft.

Below are the upgrades available for Ricochet Web:

  • Kinetic Translation
    • Effect: Enemies are pushed further back when webbed up by the Ricochet Web.
    • Cost: 225 Tech Parts, 6 Rare Tech Parts
  • Increased Capacity
    • Effect: Increases max shot count by 1.
    • Cost: 225 Tech Parts, 7 Rare Tech Parts
  • Increased Potency
    • Effect: Increases the number of Ricochet Web bounces between targets.
    • Cost: 220 Tech Parts, 6 Hero Tokens
  • Web Punch
    • Unlocked at Level 32
    • Effect: The initial shot knocks back enemies with more force and instantly webs up Brutes.
    • Cost: 240 Tech Parts, 4 City Tokens
  • Split Shot
    • Unlocked at Level 33
    • Effect: Allows Web Shots to split on a ricochet to hit more targets.
    • Cost: Tech Parts 250, 9 Rare Tech Parts

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