All Flarlic Locations in Pikmin 4

Akib Aditya Khan
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Here are the locations of all Flarlic in Pikmin 4 that you can obtain.

In Pikmin 4, players have to make use of their Pikmins in every part of the game. There are different types of Pikmin, and each has different tasks and roles to do. Throughout your journey in Pikmin 4, you will be required to make use of the Pikmin a lot, so unlocking and having more Pikmin is obviously a plus point.

Flarlics in Pikmin 4 increases the total number of Pikmin that you can have. You can find two Flarlics in each of the six stages of the game. In every stage, a Flarlic can be found on the surface, and another one can be found somewhere inside the area. In this article, we will show you the locations of all the Flarlics in Pikmin 4 and how to get them.

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All Flarlic Locations in Pikmin 4

Sun-Speckled Terrace

AreaLocationHow to Get
SurfaceBehind the electric fence in the northern area. Throw Yellow Pikmin to obtain the flarlic.
Last-Frost CavernOn the left side, behind the pots in Sublevel 1. Break the pots using Oatchi’s attack.

Blossoming Arcadia

AreaLocationHow to Get
SurfaceNortheast side, on the edge of the water. Throw Blue Pikmin to obtain the Flarlic.
Secluded CourtyardInside a plant pot in Sublevel 3.Throw any Pikmin up to obtain the Flarlic.

Serene Shores

AreaLocationHow to Get
UnderwaterSoutheast of the underwater section of the map.Requires Blue Pikmin to get.
Seafloor ResortNortheast side of Sublevel 1. Can be found on top of a Hydro Jelly. Throw Ice Pikmin to obtain the Flarlic.

Hero’s Hideaway

AreaLocationHow to Get
SurfaceOn top of a plate on the north side of the kitchen.Throw Yellow Pikmin to obtain the Flarlic.
Plunder PalaceSublevel 5Found on the southeast section of Sublevel 5. Defeat the enemy to get it.

Giant’s Hearth

AreaLocationHow to Get
SurfaceBridge Throw any Pikmin to obtain the Flarlic.
Dream HomeOne of the two moving platforms.Jump onto one platform and throw any Pikmin to obtain the Flarlic.

Primordial Thicket

AreaLocationHow to Get
SurfaceBridgeThrow any Pikmin to obtain the Flarlic.
Mud PitEdge of the waterKill the enemies and obtain the Flarlic.

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