Where To Find All the Exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

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Here are all the exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

Every generation of the Pokemon series has new and more powerful Pokemons, which join the vast list of Pokemons. Along with that, every generation also has a pair of games consisting of exclusive Pokemon inside each game. Furthermore, below we have created a complete list of all the Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and where you will find them.

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All Exlcusive Pokemons in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

At launch, the game has 37 Pokemons which you can only find in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Moreover, you can find most of these Pokemons in the Grand Underground. It is a whole new area created for the remake. You will bump into more Pokemons in some routes while the exclusive Legendary Pokemon will appear in Spear Pillar.

Locations Of All the Pokemons Exlcusive to Pokemon Brilliant Daimond

  • Caterpie: Grand Underground
  • Metapod: Evolves from Caterpie when you reach Level 7
  • Butterfree: Evolves from Metapod when you reach Level 10]
  • Ekans: Grand Underground
  • Arbok: Evolves from Ekans when you reach Level 22
  • Growlithe: Grand Underground
  • Arcanine: Evolves from Growlithe using the Fire Stone
  • Seel: Routes 226,230 and Grand Underground
  • Dewgong: Can evolve from Seel when you reach level 34. You can also find this Pokemon in Grand Underground , route 226 and route 230.
  • Scyther: Route 229 and Grand Underground
  • Scizor: Evolves from Scyther if you trade it while it holds the Metal Coat item
  • Elekid: Grand Underground
  • Electrabuzz: Evolves from Eleckid when you reach level 30
  • Electivire: Evolves from Electrabuzz when you trade it holding the Electirizer.
  • Mukrow: Eterna Forest, Lost Tower, Grand Underground
  • Honchkow: Evolves from Mukrow using a Dusk Stone
  • Gligar: Grand Underground
  • Gliscor: Evolves from Gligar when you level up during the night while it is holding Razor Fang
  • Entei: Ramanas Park
  • Raikou: Ramanas Park
  • Suicune: Ramanas Park
  • Larvitar: Router 207 or Grand Underground
  • Pupitar: Evolves from Larvitar at level 30 or you could find it in Grand Underground
  • Tyranitar: Evolves from Pupitar after you reach Level 55
  • Ho-oh: Ramanas Park
  • Seedot: Grand Underground
  • Nuzleaf: Evolves from Seedot after you reach level 14
  • Shiftry: Evolves from Nuzleaf using a Leaf Stone
  • Mawile: Grand Underground
  • Solrock: Grand Underground
  • Kecleon: Route 210 and Grand Underground
  • Solrock: Grand Underground
  • Cranidos: Take teh Skull Fossil in Oreburgh City
  • Rampardo: It will evolve from Cranidos when you reach Level 30
  • Stunky: Routes 206,214,221 and Grand Underground
  • Skuntank: Evolves from Stunky when you reach Level 34. Can be found in routes 221, 225 and Grand Underground.
  • Dialga: Spear Pilar

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